Witness Jewish Holocaust through these books

We all might have studied in our history classes about World War 2, Adolf Hitler, and his hatred of jews. But, to know more closely about the era of the Jewish holocaust; here are a few novels to read.

1. The Diary of a Young Girl: Of course, we all know how popular the novel is. But, still, if you haven’t read it; it would be a good start. It was written by a 13-year-old girl Anne Frank, while she was hiding in an attic with her family and neighbours during the holocaust. Later, her father found Anne Frank’s diary after her death; and got it published.

2. The boy in the striped pyjamas: This novel was written by John Boyne. It takes you back in the era of Adolf Hitler through a 9-year-old child’s perspective. This german boy meets another boy in the striped pyjamas in a Jewish camp who shares the same birthday as him. They both get along with each other really well. But what happens, in the end, would truly break your heart. This is book is a must-read if you’re into sad stories.

3. The Book Thief: It was written by Markus Zusak; this is the book that would be considered a true masterpiece. The narrations, the characters, the way every death is described by death itself, splendid. I couldn’t stop reading it once I started reading it. The story of a girl whose brother dies in the middle of the journey and her real mother gives her for adoption. Her foster parents were really nice to her though. A Jewish fist-fighter, book thief’s kindness to him; the book thief’s childhood best friend, lots of stealing and thievery. Amazing book. I won’t give any spoilers. Go read it yourself!

Jewish Holocaust

4. Man’s Search for Meaning: Though most of the books would make you feel sad about all the agony jews went through. This book, a very quick read, by Dr Viktor Frankl; would motivate you in so many different ways. Dr Frankl describes the life in the camp when he was there, their survival and punishments and all the sufferings they had to go through. How they managed to survive, how the memories of his wife kept him alive. How they couldn’t believe that they’re no more slaves. How life became more difficult after they were freed from the camp. I am sure it would give your life a little meaning too.

Although there are many books written during and on the topic of world war; these books are my personal favourites. We read them and go numb, some people actually went through all of it just because of their religious identity. The same could be seen in our country nowadays. It is truly sickening that we have to face such things in the 21st century. Anyways’ I hope you all would like to read these books and I am sure you would love them.

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