Windows 11 Build 22567 for Dev Channel Released

Windows 11 build 22567 or commonly known as Insider Preview build has been released by Microsoft. With the latest release, you’ll see improvements to “open with,” “app control,” and Windows Update, among other things. Here’s a rundown of the most important details.

We’ll have a look at the new features because this is a huge release. Using the new “open with” dialogue, we’ll get the ball rolling. The Open With dialogue box has been redesigned by Microsoft in accordance with Windows 11 design standards. The light/dark motif is reflected in the new dialogue box. This is seen in the image to the right. The one-click update of your default app further streamlines the user’s experience.


Windows 11’s new smart app controls can prohibit untrusted or harmful programmes, so you should be aware of this new feature. A clean install is the only way to get it, and Microsoft says further details will be released at a later date. It’s still in testing mode, so all we know is that it will “learn whether it can help safeguard you without getting in the way too much.” The Program & Browser Control area of the Windows Security app gives you access to this feature’s settings.

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Windows 11 Build 22567 Updates

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, Windows Update will try to schedule updates for specified times of the day. Renewable and fossil fuels combine to power the majority of electricity networks. To maximise the use of renewable energy sources (such as wind, solar, and hydro), Windows 11 now prioritises the background installation of software updates. Updates may be installed quickly by selecting “Check for Updates” in Settings > Windows Update. When your PC is plugged in and regional carbon intensity data is available from electricityMap or WattTime, this function will be activated.

Windows 11 Build 22567

Under Settings > Accounts, we’re improving the Microsoft 365 subscription management experience. The subscription card experience will soon include payment information. Your subscriptions will not be interrupted since you will be able to see your payment details and be alerted if your payment method needs to be altered.

As part of the Windows 11 OOBE, you may now connect your Android phone to your PC. When you link your phone and computer, you’ll have direct access to everything on your phone.

More subtle tweaks in this iteration include animations for hovering over programmes when creating folders, as well as improvements to pages in the Settings app that embrace the WinUI user interface standard. You may also use the hardware indication for volume to mute and unmute your audio. Even Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel are getting the new Task Manager.

The entire list of known problems and solutions can be found in Microsoft’s changelogs. In addition, Microsoft is planning on releasing new ISO files. If you’re a Windows Insider, you’ll be able to get your hands on these files “in the coming weeks,” and they’ll allow you to get your hands on the new Your Phone out of the box experience.

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