WhatsApp Users now able to pause and resume audio while recording

Many new features have been developed by WhatsApp to make the app even better for its users. The option to pause and restart audio while recording voice notes is being rolled out by the messaging app. The functionality has only been made available to a select group of beta testers. The ability to examine and pause voice notes while recording them is finally here, according to sources. WhatsApp Users now able to pause and resume audio while recording.

Feature to pause and resume audio while recording

A new pause button has been added to WhatsApp, according to the website Wabetainfo, which keeps tabs on all WhatsApp-related features. Prior to this update, WhatsApp simply allowed users to pause and resume listening to voice notes. Voice notes may now be played outside of a chat window according to WhatsApp’s latest update. Until this, users had to listen to the voice message while it was playing in the background of their chat. Users may now access other conversations while listening to voice notes thanks to a new feature. Upon completion of the voice note, the audio player can be removed from the top of the chat window, as well as the option to delete it.

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WA feature to pause
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An official report from Wabetainfo said that certain beta testers already have access to the functionality. After downloading the new WhatsApp Business beta for Android, beta testers will also be able to access it. To utilise the new pause and resume option when taking voice notes, your WhatsApp account must be up and running. According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is used to delivering new features on a daily basis, and this means that you’ll get the new function in the future.

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Additionally, WhatsApp has been developing a feature that would allow users to establish links that would allow them to join calls on the messaging service. If you’ve already begun a conversation on WhatsApp, you may now call back. The presenter may now generate a WhatsApp link and ask other contacts to join the session.

Call connections are intended to make it easier for individuals to join calls on WhatsApp. Call hosts will be able to create and distribute links to anyone in their contact list. It’s okay to send the link to folks who aren’t in your address book. It’s vital to remember that in order to make a WhatsApp call using the link, a user must first sign up for a WhatsApp account. Because WhatsApp calls are protected by end-to-end encryption, this is the case.

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