WhatsApp Cover Photographs: Users will be able to post cover photos

After looking at cover photographs, the first thing that comes to mind is surely Facebook. Around a decade ago, WhatsApp parent company Facebook introduced the cover photo update, which allows users to post any photo they want on their profile to make it more engaging. The cover photo was then converted to a cover photo/video option, allowing users to use attractive videos as a cover.

WhatsApp (a Facebook/Meta-owned network) released a feature for business accounts called collections a month ago, which allows them to consolidate all of their offerings in one file. Following this upgrade, WhatsApp is currently testing a new feature that will be deployed in future releases. For business accounts, the new function will assist them in creating their cover photo.

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WhatsApp is now working on this update, and it is still in development, which is why it is not even available to beta testers. But keep in mind that this function will not be available to regular WhatsApp accounts; it’s possible that only business WhatsApp users will be able to post cover photographs at first.

Beta testers will notice a change in their business profiles once the feature is ready to use. Previously, there was only a display picture, but now the display picture’s cover will additionally include a camera sign. Businesses can choose any photo or capture shot at any time to use as their cover photo from that selection. The cover photo will be public, and depending on the account’s privacy settings, users will be able to see it.

The goal of this change is to make the company profile look more professional. It has no bearing on business growth, but it does make the profile more visually appealing. The items of the brands might also be highlighted in the cover photo.

The above screenshot is provided by WABetaInfo


Despite the fact that the screenshot was obtained from WhatsApp Business for iOS, WhatsApp plans to provide the same feature to WhatsApp Business for Android. There is no set release date for the feature because it is still in development, but when it is ready for beta testers, a new article will be published on this website.

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