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The Alert Slider, which is placed on the upper edge of your phone and allows you to handle all of your alerts, has been completely redesigned to offer you total control over your notifications.

Toggle between three different notification modes with ease: Silent, Vibration, and Ring. The OnePlus Phone does not even need to be removed from your pocket.

What is the purpose of the Alert Slider?

The Alert Slider was first featured on the OnePlus 2 and provided users with three options: Ring, Vibrate, and Silent (depending on the setting). Do Not Disturb mode has been replaced with Silent mode on the OnePlus 3 and all subsequent models, including the OnePlus 5T. Since then, numerous people have expressed their dissatisfaction with it and expressed a desire for it to revert to its previous functioning. With the release of the OnePlus 6, the business has corrected the Alert Slider and has returned to the previous method of changing between Ring, Vibrate, and Silent modes, which was previously used.


“The Alert Slider was developed in order to minimize distractions. With your input, we have made improvements to the Alert Slider on the OnePlus 6, ensuring that you receive precisely what you want. There are three toggles to choose from Ring, Vibrate, and Silent. It is the Alert Slider, which you have specified “This is what the OnePlus says on its website.

Is there an Alert Slider on the iPhone similar to the one on the OnePlus?

When the iPhone is turned on, it will either ring and produce noise for notifications, or it will turn it off completely, depending on the setting. Even while the switch is a nice first step, my ideal phone would include an alert slider similar to those seen on OnePlus phones. There are three settings available on the slider: loud, vibrating, and silence.

That three-stage button on the left edge of your phone, which allows you to rapidly switch between notification priority, is what I’m talking about. Nothing else is doing such a basic thing, and yet no one else is doing it. My memories of using the OnePlus 2’s Alert Slider were revived as soon as I opened the box for the OnePlus 3. I believe that every phone should have some type of switch similar to this, and I was particularly pleased with the OnePlus 3. If you ask me, having power and volume buttons on the side of your phone should be no different from having a home button on your phone.

Android Central’s Andrew Martonik shares his thoughts on the subject.

How does the Alert Slider work?

When you drag the alert slider all the way to the top of the groove, your OnePlus 6 will enter Silent mode automatically. This is similar to Android’s built-in Do Not Disturb mode in several ways. This setting prevents your smartphone from making any noise or doing anything else to notify you of new notifications other than displaying them on the lock screen when your phone is taken out of your pocket when this setting is enabled

But what if you want to be notified when a text or phone call comes in, but you don’t want to bother others in your immediate vicinity? The phone will automatically convert to vibration mode when the alert slider is in the middle of the screen. Now, when you put your phone in your pocket, it will shake a bit to alert you that someone may be trying to contact you.

Activating the OnePlus 6’s ringer is accomplished by sliding the slider to the bottom position. This is for those moments when you don’t give a damn whether anyone hears your phone ringing.

Finally, you may use the OnePlus 6’s settings menu to modify the behaviors of the alert slider to a certain level of customization. To access the Settings menu, pull down your notification shade and touch on the gear icon to bring up the Settings menu on your device. Select the Alert slider option under the Customization subheading from the drop-down menu.

There will be distinct sections for each of the three alert modes in this section. When you tap on each one, you will be presented with a variety of choices to adjust, such as the ability to additionally quiet notifications when in Silent mode.

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