How to view song lyrics on Spotify? (PC/Mobile)

Spotify is one of the leading music streaming apps. It has millions of users across the globe. Spotify is such a hands-on app. It has everything a music lover would need. Greater number of songs sung by various Artists (all regional languages included), customized podcasts and our very own created library as well. Spotify is working on a very repetitive demand of users which is adding Lyrics as an in-built feature of an app.

Be it singing or listening to songs, it is always therapeutic. Singing songs releases ‘feel good hormone’ and if the lyrics are known then jamming to it simply becomes great. Isn’t it? Spotify has come up with this feature of showcasing lyrics. Added to this, what makes it even more interesting is: Lyrics are shareable.

Free and premium users, both have the access to the lyrics feature. Spotify is available on iOS and Android devices, desktops, and TV. Are you all excited to sing better with the lyrics? Here’s how to view song lyrics in Spotify.

 How to view Spotify lyrics on Mobile

  1. Tap on currently playing song.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom.
    view Spotify lyrics In Mobile
  3. The ongoing line will be highlighted.
  4. To share, click on the share button which is at the bottom-right of the page. Select the lyrics and choose the desired medium through which you want to share.

How to view lyrics on Desktop

  1. Tap on currently playing song.
    view lyrics In Desktop
  2. Scroll down to the bottom-right of the page to find a microphone icon.

Note: As Spotify has come up with this new feature of lyrics and is yet working on it, lyrics may not be available for every song currently.


Music can bring people together. Music is one such feeling that everyone enjoys. Now with the in-built Lyrics feature added to Spotify, you can sing more confidently. Slay it by singing loud and confident along with the Artist. Lyrics play an important role if you want to know a song in detail. Hope you liked the way this post present you with the steps to view song lyrics on Spotify. Do comment down if in any way this tutorial helped you.

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