Valorant Patch Notes 4.07 Released: Weapon and Server Changes

VALORANT is a game that is always striving to improve itself. With bug patches or major meta changes, the game can be rebalanced. The Yoru Rework, Astra Nerf, and a slew of additional nerfs/buffs were all part of Patch 4.04’s major overhaul. The Bulldog and Stinger have been tweaked somewhat in this Valorant Patch Notes 4.07. There are said to be various solutions for social and competitive issues in the Patch. Some LATAM servers might be added to reduce latency.

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VALORANT Patch Notes 4.07

Along with the new servers, Bulldog and Stinger have seen some updates as well. Both weapons’ firing inputs will be delayed after the update if the weapon is switched to Aim Down Sight mode (ADS). Patches for Yoru also address issues with the ropes that let him get the pistol immediately after his ultimate by abusing them. The full list of changes in VALORANT Update 4.07 can be seen below:

Server Updates

  • Improved latency in Latin America by deploying additional servers there. Soon after 4.07 goes live, this feature will be activated.

Weapon Updates

  • While raising the weapon to aim down sights, Bulldog and Stinger now delay firing inputs (ADS)
  • Stops you from obtaining burst mode accuracy boosts before they’ve raised your weapon.
  • Toggling between full auto/hip fire mode and burst shooting in the middle of combat incurs a little penalty, although you may still start firing right away.
  • The ability-based weapons* can now be queued to be equipped once the current action is completed.
  • Neon, Jett, and Raze chamber weapons and ultimates are all included in this set.

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Store Update

  • The VP purchase page should now load in a matter of seconds, rather than minutes or hours (previously, it would take more than thirty seconds in some instances)

Social Update

  • Additional AFK-like behaviour detections have been added to rotating game modes.

Valorant Patch Notes 4.07: Bugs Fixed


  • Unwanted interaction with ropes was used by Yoru to utilise a weapon shortly after his ultimate.
  • It was possible to defuse the Spike while channelling abilities, but this has been corrected. Ascent’s destructible doors can once again be broken through by Skye’s Seekers.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players with comms restrictions from hearing the voice chat of their team.


  • An issue that was causing performance bonuses to appear at the wrong times has been fixed.

Mechanics of Play

  • The “Use Spike” button was temporarily tapped to plant the Spike, which caused you to finish upholding the Spike instead of your previous equipped weapon.

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These weapons received a few tweaks in the current patch that will have a minimal effect on how they are used during combat. To prevent players from benefiting from the burst mode accuracy increases before the weapon is completely lifted, both weapons have had their firing input delayed while moving from ADS to burst mode In a shootout, this will make players rethink switching to burst fire during the conflict, although they may still fire quickly after returning to their hip fire position.

Several weapons with special abilities were also changed in Patch 4.07. According to Riot Games, players may now “input-queue” weapons and abilities for Neon, Jett, and Raze to be equipped after the current action.

The in-game store’s interface would previously take a long time to load, making it difficult to buy VP. As a result, the menu should now load in a “matter of seconds” following the installation of Patch 4.07.

Several bugs have been fixed and new AFK detections have been included in a variety of game settings. It’s good news for Skye fans, since her ultimate ability may once again break the destructible doors on Ascent, making it more effective on the map.

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