Valorant Patch Notes 4.04: Yoru, Astra Rework and Map Updates

Valorant Patch Notes 4.04 makes substantial modifications to Icebox, which dramatically alters the way teams assault and defend both locations. Valorant Patch Notes 4.04 was released by Riot games officially.

In order to “increase attacker choices and make the environment more pleasant to play in,” Riot has modified the B Green colour. Attackers now have another entry into the area since the door leading to the attacker’s spawn building was relocated to the first cubby. Teams are no longer required to push from two entrance locations that are side by side. For added convenience, Green Lane has also been enlarged a tad. With the addition of B Yellow, it is now simpler to peep into the site and Snowman.

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B Yellow, on the other hand, has seen a major shift in direction. Two more boxes have been added to the side, making the crate parallel to the wall next to it. After the plant has been completed, the crew will no longer be able to withdraw to this region and will be able to hold onto more of the site. The bottom container has also been removed and replaced with a cubby facing the Green screen. Additionally, the entryway in the top cubby has been changed to “better segregate battles throughout the site and make the utility more relevant.”

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The outside wall and crane have also been moved closer to the B site in order to reduce the distance between Snowman and the construction site. This will assist controllers to avoid unpleasant gaps in coverage. Additionally, the structure in Back B has been sealed off to encourage attackers to press and hold this region and prevent rotations using B Fence.

To “promote greater spike plant diversity while preserving some safer defaults to work with,” the plant zone on B has been expanded. The ability to plant on the bridge leading to Kitchen and along the wall leading to Snowman are two of the game’s most memorable moments. In order to make it simpler to clear the area, the rear wall of Kitchen has been shifted.

Additionally, the sightline from the B site has been removed from Orange Lane, making it simpler for mid-game pushes. Controllers will have an easier time covering the area now that the Boiler ramp is smaller which allows players to better anticipate where their attackers will sneak upon them.

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Several updates were also made to a site in Patch 4.04. The cart in the right-hand corner of the site has been replaced by a box, which provides better protection for Defenders. To make it easier for Defenders to protect the site, the head peeks in Attacker-side pipes has been eliminated. It has also been lowered to prevent players on top of screens from firing at players’ feet before they can see them.

Patch 4.04 made a little change to Ascent, allowing players to collect the B orb from the lower box instead of needing to double leap to the upper box.

Yoru Rework

With the Yoru change, Riot is giving the Agent new options for confusing and disrupting his opponents on the battlefield.

Since Yoru now has a broader arsenal to work with, everything from his Fakeout decoy to his Dimensional Drift ultimate ability has been reworked.

While the new Yoru will provide players more opportunities to intentionally skew information on the battlefield, he will also be more fun to play.

Astra nerfed

Astra, who has risen to the top of the Valorant meta, is being tweaked by Riot. While the developers are improving her skills, they are also reducing the cooldowns of all of her abilities and the number of stars she possesses.

Nebula’s cooldown has been raised from 14 seconds to 25 seconds, however, the smoke bubble will be a little bigger.

The developers appear to be attempting to strike a balance between Astra’s power and the speed with which she can provide help to her colleagues.

Controllers Update

As a result of these adjustments, Brimstone and Omen will be more appealing to gamers.

The projectile speed of Omen’s Dark Cover smokes has been increased from 2800 to 6400, among other adjustments.

Brimstone’s smoke will be a bit larger to match the other Controller Agents, and his Stim Beacon now grants teammates a speed boost in addition to its customary rapid-fire bonus.

Agent Updates – Valorant Patch Notes 4.04


Enhancements were made to the mechanism for placing abilities at certain ground locations This upgrade is designed to make it easier for users to locate suitable placements in constrained areas. In this case, the following are the abilities that are impaired:

  • Omen’s Shrouded Step
  • Viper’s pit
  • Chamber’s Trademark and Rendez-vous
  • Every Killjoy ability
  • Yoru’s Gatecrash
  • Sage’s Barrier Orb


Dark Cover (E)

  • 40s to 30s cooldown reduction
  • Cost increased by a factor of 100 to 150.
  • Projectile Speed went from 2800 to 6400.

Shrouded Step (C)

  • The price dropped by 150 credits as opposed to 100.
  • Delay before teleportation was reduced from 1s to 0.7s.

Paranoia (Q)

  • In order to prevent Omen from spawning neighbouring players, a forward spawn offset was included.


Sky Smoke (E)

  • There was a 2-second reduction in deployment time.
  • Increased deployment radius from 5000 to 5500
  • the height of the smoke was raised to match other Controllers’

Stim Beacon (C)

  • In addition to RapidFire, a 15 per cent speed increase is now applied.



  • The maximum number of stars has been decreased from 5 to 4.
  • Retrieving a Star’s cooldown went from 14 to 25 seconds.
  • Placed Stars can now be refunded by Astra during the Buy Phase immediately.
  • For the first time, she was able to install Stars in the most remote regions of the map.

Gravity Well (C)

  • Increased cooldown by 25 >>> 45
  • The slightly smaller size of gravity wells: 525 > 475
  • Anyone under the Gravity Well is no longer affected by the Well’s gravitational pull.

Nova Pulse (Q)

  • The cooldown has been increased from 25 to 45 seconds.
  • Anyone under the Nova Pulse is now immune to its effects.

Nebula (E)

  • Increasing the cooldown from 14 to 25
  • Nebula cooldowns are now sequential, rather than simultaneous, as previously.
  • There has been a rise in the size of the nebula of 410 >>> 475

Astral Form (X)

  • Because Astra cannot perceive level geometry when in Astral form, pings can no longer be prevented.
  • One ring reflects the unified size of all Astra’s utility rings in Astral form, making it easier for her to focus on the target.
  • In various map regions, Astra’s target ring no longer randomly vanishes.
  • Involuntary transitions from Astral form to normal form now happen more quickly thanks to an enhanced overlay.
  • Fixed a problem where the position of the stars was slightly above where Astra was aiming.



  • When Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud are both active, the fuel drain increases by 50%.
  • Whenever Viper’s fuel level drops below a certain threshold, her bar turns red.

Toxic Screen (E)

  • Increased from 6 to 8 seconds after deactivation.
  • When her smoke begins to dissipate, rather than when the deactivation telegraph plays, the cooldown countdown begins.
  • Deactivation delay was reduced by 1 >>>.8
  • During a cooldown, Toxic Screen now includes yellow lights that indicate cooldown
  • When Viper is suppressed, the delay in deactivating Toxic Screen is no longer present.
  • Suppressing her smoke causes a VO line to be played that is specific to the situation.

Poison Cloud (Q)

  • After deactivating, the cooldown time rose from 6 to 8.
  • When her smoke begins to dissipate, rather than when the deactivation telegraph plays, the cooldown countdown begins.
  • Deactivation delay was reduced by 1 >>>.8
  • When Poison Orb is cooling down, a yellow light will illuminate.
  • When Viper is subdued, Poison Orb is immediately disabled.
  • When her smoke is suppressed, a special VO phrase plays.

Snake Bite (C)

  • A reduction in time from 6.5s to 5.5s.


Fakeout (C)

  • Charges have been slashed from 2 to 1.
  • 150 hp for decoys
  • Decoy is now a full running version of Yoru and can only be sent running forward
  • Use the right mouse button to put a marker for the decoy.
  • Create a decoy that moves ahead by reactivating it in a manner similar to footsteps.
  • It bursts after a brief delay if it takes damage from an enemy gun and winds up before facing the shooter.
  • The enemies within the cone of protection are illuminated by a bright light.

Gatecrash (E)

  • There was an increase in charges from 1 to 2.
  • This ability costs you 200 creds.
  • Switched back to a 2-kill reset for cooldown charge refresh.
  • It is possible to fool the beacon into thinking the gate has crashed by pressing F while hovering above it.
  • As if Yoru were actually attempting to teleport, Fake Teleport will simulate this by playing noise and showing portal images.
  • There has been a significant reduction in the time it takes for a teleport beacon.
  • The in-game audio of the teleport beacon is lowered by 22.5m>>>12.5m
  • Increased teleport beacon speed from 675 to 800
  • The beacon creates a little decal on the floor for 30 seconds after triggering a false teleport to signal the location of the fake teleport.

Dimensional Drift (X)

  • The length of time has risen by 8 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Enemies do not know about Yoru.
  • Unequip delay duration increased by 0.6 seconds to 1.2 seconds.
  • Yoru may now remove his ultimate’s functionality entirely.
  • Within 15 metres of Yoru’s current location, I can hear his footsteps.
  • After casting Dimensional Drift, a cast delay is applied, preventing the invulnerability frame from being activated on the cast.

Map Updates – Valorant Patch Notes 4.04


  • B orb can now be taken from the lower box (previously, you had to double jump up to the box to get it)


B Site

  • With the B “Green” lane changes, we hope to improve attacker choices and make the space more enjoyable to play in.
  • There is now a doorway to the first cubby from the attacker spawn building at Green Lane. In order to avoid having to enter from two identical spots, attackers will have a new route to reach B Green.
    22b 22b
  • The green lane was somewhat enlarged. This is to facilitate the flow of traffic through the area.
    Green lane slightly widened Green lane slightly widened
  • B Site redesign focuses on increasing the necessity of controlling and minimising engagements around the site when assaulting.
  • A fresh stack of crates was added to the yellow container. Many rounds in Icebox centre about anchoring down behind yellow in post-plant scenarios as players get used to the game. This will allow Yellow to keep some of its clouts while increasing the value of its real estate on the site.
  • In order to create a cubby facing Green, the lower container was removed. The upper container’s doorway was expanded and its position shifted. Players will be able to more easily locate and utilise utilities on the site as a result of this change.
  • Incoming crane structure and outside wall of building B. Since there are fewer gaps on the narrowed site, more controllers can enjoy their utility.
  • Back B of the building was sealed off. As a result, we want attackers to push further and take up more areas. Players will be able to better establish themselves in Snowman if this building is closed off. Using B Fence to stop off rotations should also be well highlighted.
  • Site B’s plant zone was modified. As a result of this adjustment, we want to increase the variety of spike plants available while still keeping certain safe defaults in place. It’s now possible to grow plants from the kitchen to the higher container on the bridge between the two.
    B-SITE-REWORK-4 B-SITE-REWORK-4 Valorant Patch Notes 4.04
  • Making Mid areas more comfortable to play in is a primary goal of these modifications to mid.
  • Reworked kitchen back wall. Players will be able to move more readily and comfortably through this area as a result of this improvement.
    B-SITE-REWORK-5b Valorant Patch Notes 4.04 B-SITE-REWORK-5b Valorant Patch Notes 4.04
  • Line of sight from under the tube to danger is blocked by the addition of crates to Orange Lane.
    B-SITE-REWORK-6b Valorant Patch Notes 4.04 B-SITE-REWORK-6b Valorant Patch Notes 4.04
  • Geo-simplified and significantly shortened boiler ramp. Smokes will now completely cover Boiler, making it easier for players to determine the height of head peaks from the ramp.
    B-SITE-REWORK-7b Valorant Patch Notes 4.04 B-SITE-REWORK-7b Valorant Patch Notes 4.04

A Site

  • For defenders, a site may be overwhelming, so these adjustments should provide them with more alternatives and help them better isolate Attacker angles.
  • The back of the cover Changes to A site. As a result of this modification, Defenders will have a bit more room to work with.
    A site Valorant Patch Notes 4.04 A site Valorant Patch Notes 4.04
  • Removed the attacker’s head peak from the side pipes. There are so many places where an attacker may get a good view of a site that it might be overwhelming. Defenders should be able to better pinpoint the source of potential threats as a result of this update.
    A site Valorant Patch Notes 4.04 A site Valorant Patch Notes 4.04
    10 Valorant Patch Notes 4.04 10 Valorant Patch Notes 4.04

Competitive updates – Valorant Patch Notes 4.04

Initial testing of a “deterministic map system” in Latin America. This approach aims to broaden the scope of maps that players will see in their adventures. Within the following several days/weeks, if there are no problems, we aim to activate this system (described below) for all areas worldwide. We’re adding it anyhow just in case we decide to broaden our reach outside the Latin American region. Stay up to speed on all things VALORANT by following the official social media outlets.

  • After the players have been picked, deterministic map selection follows three principles in order to choose a map.
  • The method will take into account the previous five maps that players have played in that mode.
  • The system will remove maps that a player has already played twice in the prior five maps.
  • Played-out maps will be selected by the computer.
  • All maps that have been removed from the pool because of the “Twice Played” rule will be placed back in and the least played map will be chosen.



  • Cypher’s Trapwire was not triggered by adversaries in some cases.
  • Resolved an issue where Astra’s boom would not appear when planted while in Astral Form.
  • Viper’s Toxic Screen audio no longer plays in the next round if it was activated just before the round ended.
  • Brimstone’s targeting map no longer displays a large white circle as Yoru’s Gatecrash emblem.
  • When Chamber’s teleport was cast shortly after shooting the last bullet of Headhunter, it might occasionally fail.
  • When shooting at KAY/O while holding down NULL/CMD, Chamber’s Tour de Force would occasionally cause slow zones to appear, but this has now been fixed!

Social – Valorant Patch Notes 4.04

  • In Escalation mode, a problem with AFKs has been fixed.

That’s it for Valorant Patch Notes 4.04. Do provide your feedback about these updates done to the game in the comments.

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