Valorant Patch Notes 4.03

Patch releases from Valorant have always been reliable. Every effort is made to maintain a healthy balance between gameplay and the game’s meta. Here are all the changes that will take place when the current act ends.

Valorant Patch Notes 4.03 isn’t likely to bring any major changes, but we’ll see what’s new in the next act. Simple but helpful improvements have been added to the software in version 4.03.

VALORANT players may also take advantage of important Deathmatch upgrades, giving it a more feasible choice for warming up than it was before. The spawn logic and placement have been changed to “favour respawn spots farther away from where you are defeated,” according to Riot, to remove or relocate “dangerous” spawn points.

Also, the duration between respawning and getting back into the fray has been cut in half, from three seconds to one and a half. In addition, a problem with spawn logic during the warm-up period has been fixed.

To prevent users from “exploiting game modes to farm XP,” the AFK detector has been upgraded. Fans can now look forward to a 15% baseline performance boost for CPU-bound gamers as a result of a global invalidation performance upgrade. But individual findings may be affected by this alteration, according to the developers.

Since certain sprays were nearly identical to the original hue, the tile used to represent them in your collections has been changed to a new colour as part of Patch 4.03. It will be simpler to notice how sprays will appear in-game now that they are a different hue.

“Return to your strongest weapon when pressing the ‘Equip Last Used Item’ key while auto-equipping a weapon,” is a new option available to players. Players may enable this feature in the Equipment section of the game’s settings. Even though it was made in Patch 4.02, no mention of it was made in the release notes for the update.

Valorant Patch 4.03 Notes

Riot Games has released Valorant Patch 4.03 notes, which include the following:



Brimstone ultimate has been updated to work correctly when it is engaged.

Through the ultimate, you will no longer be able to see your adversaries on the minimap.

Line-of-sight abilities (such as flashes and Sova recon pulses) will no longer be applicable after the final.



  • Deleted and/or re-located “dangerous” spawn points if possible.
  • Spawning logic and location have been tweaked to make it more likely that you and your opponent will face off in a fight.
  • Respawn sites that are further distant from where you were defeated will now be given preference in spawn logic.
  • The Warm-Up Phase wasn’t employing spawn logic effectively, therefore this was fixed.
  • Reduced respawn time: 3s to 1.5s

Social Updates

  • The game’s AFK detection has been improved to stop players from abusing certain game types to gain excessive

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Global Invalidation

  • For CPU-bound players, Global Invalidation improves baseline performance by up to 15%.
  • The majority of CPU-bound gamers use mid- to high-spec computers.
  • PBE data from two weekends (Jan. 22–23 and Feb. 5–6) was used to compile these figures.
  • The performance of your computer may vary, even though we expect the majority of players to benefit from these improvements.

Cosmetic Updates

  • Colour changes for a tile used to display your Collections’ sprays.
    Some sprays were difficult to distinguish from the original tile because they were too similar in colour.
  • A 5-second cooling period has been included to allow you to respray.
  • Sprays now have a 15-second lifespan (reduced from 30 seconds).
  • When the barrier drops (mid-round) and the post-round phase begins, sprays dissipate immediately.
  • There are no Agent faces, animations, or airhorns (sorry we’re not sorry) in mid-round sprays.


  • Option to revert to the strongest weapon has been added
  • The “Equip Last Used Item” key or auto-equipping a weapon now returns you to the strongest weapon you’ve used so far.
  • To turn it on, go to “Prioritize Strongest Weapon” in Settings >> Controls >> Equipment.

Esports Features

  • Following a projectile with an observer is now possible.
  • Adjustments for the observer Toggle the portrait of the Agent on or off.



  • Chamber’s Headhunter and Tour de Force no longer float away because of a fix.
  • Viper’s ultimate could be viewed without the nearsighted debuff being applied if certain line-ups were used.
  • Viper’s ultimate no longer fails to grow past doorways due to a bug fixed.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented the conversation from focusing while entering the game’s lobby before starting it.
  • Unable to bring up a context menu when right-clicking on a player’s portrait.


  • When spectating the Spike, performance metrics would be obscured.
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