Valorant Lore: Everything about Radiants, Kingdom and Theories

Are you a Valorant Fan? A Fabulous game right? Valorant lore or Valorant Origin is quickly becoming one of the most in-depth and complex lore in gaming, especially in the fps genre a lot of people know bits and pieces of the lower story but are very confused with it. I’ll explain every important event that’s happened so far in Valorant lore to help out those people looking for the complete story it is a great story. So lets go through the Valorant Story.

Firstly I need to say that all these events I’m about to discuss happen in the near future on planet earth. Pretty much the start of valorant lore begins with the first light which is a strange phenomenon that happened all around the globe in the year 2039 these rings of light started appearing and deposited massive quantities of a new element called Radianite. This new material was able to do things unlike anyone has ever seen on earth.

It holds far more power than anything humans have used before but not only that select individuals that were exposed to a significant amount of radiant knight, began having strange things happening to them, they began having powers these people that were given this gift through radiant were called Radiants after the material now.

Not all radiants had equal powers some could do very minor things while others could traverse through different realities bring back people from the dead and even make themselves immortal. But not all radiants wanted to use their powers for good or at least the temptation to do literally whatever they wanted with them was there. So something needed to be done to kind of keep these new groups of people in check and that something is the valorant protocol.

The Valorant Protocol was founded by a shadow organization loosely funded and supplied by a massive worldwide company called the Kingdom.

We’ll talk more about the kingdom in a bit but the valorant protocol was a group of extremely powerful radiants and non-radiance unified through one command with the mission of protecting the earth in case any other radiant spanned around the globe decided to go rogue at that time.

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At first, it started out small with only a few agents like Brimstone – the leader, Viper, Sage and Omen for example. But throughout the years it has expanded into a 19 person operation with the newest edition of Neon a radiant from the Philippines but I’m getting ahead of myself you may be wondering why the newly founded Valorant protocol would even recruit agents that didn’t have radiant powers.

Well, that doesn’t mean they can’t be effective with other means because radianite not only can turn people into radiants it can have other uses for it as well.

Valorant Lore: Welcome to the Kingdom


I talked a little bit about the kingdom earlier but they are this massive company with different facilities all around the world. They started off as just an energy company after the first light happened quickly finding a way to harness the raw energy of radianite and refining it in such a way to power civilization. But before long the kingdom was able to power literally three-quarters of the entire world’s energy needs, one company spread around the planet powering civilization. But the scientists employed by the kingdom found new ways to use radianite. They developed sophisticated weapons with the material being able to make machines they could only dream of previously.

And that’s exactly what some of the agents on the Valorant protocol use to fight rogue radiants if needed. They might not have any powers like KillJoy for example but given the right weapons fueled by radianite and they become a force to be reckoned with. The combined powers of the protocol will be tested though as a new threat has just entered the atmosphere. A threat that will challenge the protocol and earth as a whole, a threat named Mirror Earth.

Now, this next part is an insanely clever way to explain lore-wise why the agents are fighting each other in each match of Valorant and explains why you can have interactions like a sova fighting a sova or a phoenix fighting a phoenix and so on. It’s because of mirror earth now we don’t know how Mirror earth came to be or if it’s always been there or only started existing once the first light happened in 2039. But it’s exactly what the name entails it’s an almost replica of our earth but on a different plane of reality. Mirror earth has its Valorant protocol their kingdom and their problems and the biggest problem they have on mirror earth is that they’re running out of radianite.

For whatever reason, their radiant supplies are at an unsustainable low and the only real solution they have to save their planet is to well raid the other one. I don’t think the inhabitants of mirror earth are inherently evil but they found a way to travel from their reality to the other one via a teleporter they constructed or riffs to steal other planet’s radianite and the first occurrence that we know of this happening is the Venice incident of 2049. So a whole 10 years have gone by since the first light and we have just arrived at the first major disaster on Valorant’s lower timeline.

Valorant Lore: About Earth One and Spike


The Valorant protocol on earth one which, I’ll be calling Earth One from now on in this article, got intel that an agent was sent over from mere earth with a device called the Spike. It when activated near a big supply of radianite will teleport the material from Earth One to Mirror Earth. Agent number 9 Phoenix was deployed to stop the thief which happens to be a mere earth agent Jett.

Sage gave over coms that he needs to do everything he can to stop her from detonating the spike as they really don’t know what will happen to the area if it detonates. Well, the overconfidence of phoenix got the best of him as he very nearly cornered mirror, Jett. But the will to save her planet fuels the just desire to survive she managed to take out Earth One’s phoenix. When phoenix awoke the true horrors of what the spike is capable of doing was realized, destroyed with rubble and buildings floating in the air.

A section of Venice, Italy was suspended off the ground and it’s been like that for a few years, the blame was placed on the kingdom for not warning the public of the threats of radianite and their stocks plummeted. The public thought it was just a radianite disaster and is unaware of the true threat – mirror earth with radianite as the common source of the attacks.

The kingdom’s facilities became the site for many battlegrounds. Every map of Valorant is affiliated with the kingdom in some way. Whether it’s refinery on the Bind, storage plant on Haven, radianite transportation facility on Icebox or the headquarters of the kingdom on the map Split and they’ve all been targeted for mere earth attacks to try and steal radianite. Literally the very next day after the Venice incident of 2049, another attack is underway on the kingdom refinery of map Bind in robot morocco. Killjoy is already on-site trying to defend when viper and again phoenix helps to aid her.

The spike has already been planted by the mirror agent and the killjoy doesn’t know how to stop it. Just then phoenix takes off in pursuit of the mirror agent after a quick display of his powers he comes to find out that the enemy is well him. I can only imagine what’s going on in his mind as he watches himself get up off the ground that moment of shock and hesitation realizing that the enemies that have been attacking earth are well themselves. This gave the mirror phoenix time to escape when agent Viper came to help a shocking phoenix. But they get back to the spike then KillJoy finds a way to make a diffuser with a superheated radiant core as its power source.

They defuse it and take the spike back to the protocol’s headquarters for evaluation. But if phoenix a valued member of the Valorant protocol didn’t even know that the attacks on the Earth one are being carried out by mirror earth then I can only assume that the vast majority of the public are unaware of this even happening as well. Some time has passed and another mirror earth attack is underway except this time it’s at the kingdom shipping site of the icebox making another appearance to save the area phoenix was deployed alongside Yoru, a radiant that was invited to join the protocol later after this mission.

Together they are able to stop the agents of mirror earth from detonating the spike once again even though they were outnumbered the agents on the protocol, each brings their own stories and which we’ll cover in the upcoming similar Valorant Lore related articles.

Agent Kayo from the Future

An agent that comes from an alternate reality. A reality, where radiants were in the war to wipe away humanity from existence. Kayo was created by someone we still don’t know who and was specifically designed to nullify radiance powers and kill them. After ko killed the queen of the radiants – Reyna, the war between radiants and humanity was over and the humans were saved. He left his timeline by most likely using a highly advanced teleporter and landed in the timeline of earth one. He warns the protocol and the humans of the potential of radiants to rise up and rule the world but as for now humans and radiants are working together to save themselves from the mirror earth.

Secrets of Agent Chamber

Chamber-Duality-2 Valorant Lore

Another agent that adds so so much lore to the Valorant story is the chamber. Now chamber is not radiant. Sorry, a lot of people think he is one, his powers to summon weapons actually comes from the radianite powered gold embedded in his face and arm. But chamber brings a lot of lore to Valorant, because of the terrible things he’s done. He worked alongside his mirror agent chamber and this is an incredible event because they are the first agents to actually work together with their mirror double. Here they definitely don’t trust each other at all but here’s what they did.

They are the sole reason why the map fracture exists for us to play on in valorant. You see, map Fracture is actually the site of a top-secret kingdom research lab near New Mexico. But this lab was truly special as it was a joint operation between Earth one and mirror earth’s kingdom companies. Kingdom corporation on the B side of the map while kingdom industries mirror earth kingdom on the A-site of the map.

Chamber-Duality Valorant Lore

The mission was that both kingdoms were desperately trying to find a way to make an almost limitless supply of energy by using a radiant collider in the centre of the research facility. While they mostly didn’t trust each other they knew that the only way to save mirror earth and ensure that earth one doesn’t run out of radianite and end up like mirror earth as well as the success of the radiant collider.

Literally, the attacks from mirror earth would stop if they would be able to transport this energy safely from the research lab back to mirror earth via the teleporter. You can see on a map that transports the staff back and forth and so on. But for whatever reason chamber and his mirror double were hired by an unknown person to destroy the collider. They both lined up on opposite sides of the map with their sniper rifles and each shot a bullet into the heart of the collider causing a chain reaction of destruction. They managed to escape but many many scientists died during the evacuation process.

As a result, a literal fracture extends throughout the map and beyond. No one knows that chamber is the cause of the disaster and I’m sure whatever little trust the two kingdoms had for each other is now gone. Now that hope is almost entirely gone for mirror earth they might get desperate to try and save themselves.

I think the Valorant protocol on earth one realized that so it’s been hinting at for a while now that they might launch a mission to make contact with mirror earth to hopefully find a peaceful way to end this. It was hinted at greatly in the agent chamber cinematic trailer where it looks like brimstone and viper were trying to access teleporters to travel to mirror earth but were ultimately captured.

Chamber and his mirror double rescued them which led to brimstone recruiting him into the protocol even though he and other agents like cypher don’t entirely trust agent Chamber.

We also know that viper and cypher were sent by the brimstone to try and see if they can recover the blueprints to the teleporter used by the kingdom industries or more commonly referred to as omega kingdom to transport people and equipment from mirror earth to earth one. We know that cypher and viper were unable to find the blueprints on how to replicate the teleporter and the mission failed.

But some time afterwards killjoy reported to brimstone that she has made a good amount of headway and progress on creating the teleporter. She says how the agent chamber provided her with the blueprints of the teleporter to reach mirror earth. And why is no one questioning how the agent chamber got the information.

And another hint that the kingdom is trying to get into contact with mirror earth are in the brand new warm-up cinematic where Brimstone is gathering the ages together for a new mission as well as potential leaks that the map Fracture is located on mirror earth.


If all that is true then, do we have a great story ahead of us to what extent will mere earth go to to save their planet and what is earth one or more specifically the Valorant protocol going to do to either save them or eliminate them the threat. Could they build another collider to help power the planet are there even more threatening enemies out there in different realities and will the radiant wars that Kayo is warning us ever happen where radiants realize they can take over if they want it all these questions will hopefully be answered by riot games and you can best believe that Network Herald be there to help uncover them and share with you guys all the Valorant lore has to offer are there any major events you think I missed share them in the comments below to help out others looking to learn more about the Valorant lore.

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