Valorant Episode 4 Act 2: Release Date, Weapon Skins, Battlepass, more

Riot Games released Valorant Patch notes 4.04 yesterday, and there’s a lot of excitement among fans about the upcoming Act. Yet, there is no new agent or map in VALORANT Episode 4 Act 2, there is a whole new battle pass.

“Strengthening the foundation” and “enhancing the overall health” is what Anna Donlan, the executive producer and dev team lead at VALORANT, says of the new act. In addition, new skins and agent balance changes are included in this new version, as well as an improved ranked experience and a host of new maps.

The Battle Pass, which includes the first batch of new skins, will go online on the live servers on March 1st. More than a dozen distinct weapon skins, gun pals, player cards, and sprays may be purchased for 1,000 VP ($9.99). The Lycan’s Bane skin line, the French Baguette gun buddy, the #SAVEWIDEJOY player card, and the Sheeeeeesh spray are just a few of the famous products.

The pass, on the other hand, has something for everyone. As stated by Riot, the developers’ goal was to make goods that would let players all across the world “express themselves.” That’s why they collaborated with their regional teams so they could come up with goods that seemed “local.” Laura Baltzer, an assistant producer, remarked, “We wanted the goods to seem as real to the locations that inspired them as possible.”

Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 Battlepass

Below is everything you got to see in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2:

Weapon Skins

The Striker line, the Lycan’s Bane line, and the Divine Swine line are the three new weapon skins. Weapon skins were a lot of fun for the devs, and the developers were particularly inventive with the third one. The Divine Swine skin line was born out of a Riot intern’s misconception of a “pink-themed” skin collection. This later developed into the “fun storybook-esque moving graphics” you’ll see on the final version of the skins, which included photos of Theo the Pig (who can be found on Ascent).

Some of the bundle skins include, as leaked by ValorLeaks:

  1. Valorant Striker skins
  2. Valorant Divine Swine skins
  3. Valorant Bane skins

Player Cards

There are now 15 player cards in the battle pass, up from the previous number of 12. One of the highlights of the pass is the Home Again series. In response to Riot’s question, “What would be the first thing this agent would do if he visited home?” Brimstone’s favourite pastime is watching his favourite baseball club, with a hotdog in hand, whereas Skye’s favourite pastime is exploring the Outback and soaking up the sun.

Valorant episode 4 act 2 player cards


There are 12 sprays in the new battle pass and many of them make fun of pop culture and/or memes.

Valorant episode 4 act 2 sprays

Gun Buddies

Nine new gun buddies join the cast in Episode Four, Act Two. In addition to the Babushka, the All-purpose Slipper is also available.

Gun Buddies

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