Top 5 books to help you grow

Even if you are not a nerd and haven’t ever read any books besides your school/ college books. Here are a few suggestions to help you grow in different ways, presenting to you top 5 books.

1. Atomic habits

This book by James Clear is no less than a gem. By the end of the book, you will be able to build some really small habits that will make really huge changes in your lifestyle. Basically, the book explains how everything is made of atoms that are really really small but these atoms collectively make up the whole universe. The same way building small, really small habits which don’t make a huge impact on everyday life can collectively make huge changes in your overall lifestyle.

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2. Paperclips don’t grow on tree

Catherine DeVrye explains in her book how to save money and cut down daily costs in everyday expenses and still maintain the value of the product. Be it a small business or a multinational company or simply a house maker; the budget is something which everyone has to maintain. This book will help you in every possible way to save money and still live a good lifestyle.

2. The Alchemist

Now, who doesn’t love reading stories and yet learning a valuable lesson through it. This book by Paulo Coelho will take you on the magical journey of a shepherd boy who is trying to achieve his dream and meets an alchemist and many other people on his way towards the treasure. Must have book for everyone. 

4. As a man thinketh

This is a very quick read which you can complete in just one go. James Allen beautifully describes how important it is for us to think like a human. It is thought that could bring peace or start a war. Everything starts with a single thought. Every word holds so much wisdom that one would definitely change their way of thinking once one completes the book.

5. Ikigai

This book is written and completed by various authors who would help you in discovering the purpose of life. Also, it is more about how to live a long and meaningful life in a Japanese traditional way. It includes interviews of people from Okinawa island which is considered to have most of the elder citizens who have lived long and meaningful life. It has a pretty looking hardcover and of course who does not love books with pretty covers!

6. The Prophet

This book is also a quick read. Kahlil Gibran wrote this book around 95 years ago and since then it has always been popular self-help. The book gives life lessons through short poems and stanzas and verses which makes it more interesting to read. 

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7. The Secrets of Divine Love

Spiritual growth is necessary for everyone despite the religion and faith they follow. A. Helwa describes how God is omnipresent and loves each of us no matter what. Though the book originally speaks about Islam I recommend everyone who wishes to grow spiritually to read this book. Truly a masterpiece and every word, every sentence contains so much wisdom, my favourite.

I hope I was able to recommend better books. If you read them please give feedback, I would love to hear from each one of you. Hopefully, you will enjoy them; have a good day or night, that is whenever you read it:)


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