Top 5 Valorant Agents to play on Ascent?

When it comes to Valorant (game), abilities is the foremost word which you think about. It plays a crucial role in winning a game as well as rounds. There are currently 16 agents available, each having conflicting abilities. playing a dominant role in some or another way. Today I will tell you the top 5 agents to play on Ascent which will help you to win a game or two.

Top 5 Agents to play on Ascent:

1. Jett

Representing her home country South Korea, Jett is a duelist, being agile and her indistinct way of fighting enemies using dash and smoking corners makes her one of the finest creations one can play to get an easy entry frag. This agent is mainly played by aggressive players who seek frags and commit entry frags.


  • Updraft – Quickly thrust Jett into the air
  • Tailwind– Quickly thrusting Jett in the direction she is moving.
  • Cloudburst– Instantly creating a projectile while blocks off enemies vision and help get an entry.
  • Bladestorm– Ready with a set of highly accurate knives that recharges after killing an opponent. Fire to throw a single knife and alternate fire to throw all remaining knives.

5 agents on ascent - Valorant

2. Sova 

An exotic initiator from Russia, This agent plays a vital role in this game as well as in the map of Ascent, His ability to track, find and eliminate enemies make him a remarkable Initiator. This agent is played by players who like to stay backhand and make tactics and plan strategies to lead the team to a victory.


  • Shock Bolt – Equip this ability to shoot a bolt with shock bolt which when fired damages the enemy within its range and holding fire will increase its range plus holding alternate fire will make it bounce.
  • Recon Bolt – Equip this ability to release a recon bolt which reveals the location of the enemies within the range of its area.
  • Owl Drone –  Equipping this ability and taking control of its movement, shooting bolt and tagging enemies will reveal their location for 3 seconds and it also helps in checking corners and revealing the players hiding there.
  • Hunter’s Fury – This ability equips a special bow that pierces through the wall and damages the enemy caught in the line of it and killing them when hit twice and can be used up to two more times while the ability is equipped.

5 agents on ascent - Valorant

3. Astra 

A Ghanaian Agent having access to multiple abilities which when used properly makes it easy to frag and help the team to dominate the map. This agent is the replacement of the famous controller omen and brimstone, this agent is mainly used by the players who like to control the map using smoke abilities.


  • Nova Pulse – Placing the stars while in astral form and using nova pulse will stun (concuss) the enemies within its range.
  • Nebula – Placing the stars while in astral form and using nebula will create a projectile that will block off the enemy’s vision.
  • Gravity Well – Placing the stars while in astral form and using gravity well will pull the players towards the centre and mess up their sight.
  • Cosmic Divide – After the cosmic divide is charged up, when in astral form, secondary fire will be used for aiming it when used it will divide the map into two parts and it blocks the bullet and quieten the sound.

5 agents on ascent - Valorant

4. Killjoy 

A clever and self-sufficient agent from Germany who is a sentinel and is played by the players who like to play in defensive mode, the main aim of this agent is to defend the site and protect its territory using its ability like turret and alarm bot.


  • Alarmbot – This ability when equipped deploys an alarm bot that notifies the agent when an enemy comes in contact with it and makes the enemy vulnerable and thus making them easier to kill.
  • Turret –  Equipping a turret and placing it near the site’s entry will shoot and damage the enemy when the enemy comes in its range and decreasing their movement speed.
  •  Nanoswarm – This ability when placed on the ground and activating when the enemy walks over it will deploy damaging nanobots which deal high damage.
  • Lockdown –  Equipping this ability and placing it on the battlefield will create a large circular lockdown and when the ability’s time is up it will detain the players within its range and thus taking away their guns for 8 seconds.

5 agents on ascent - Valorant

5. Sage

A unique agent from China on which the teammates are dependent for heals and protection, sage can heal herself as well as the teammates. This character is a defensive agent like every other sentinel and played by players who like to hold the sites and protect them from enemies.


  • Slow Orb – This ability when used and thrown towards the ground, spreads over a large area which decreases enemies movement speed.
  • Healing Orb – Equipping this ability and using the fire button while aiming towards teammates will increase their health and using an alternate fire button will help in healing ( increasing health) of your own.
  • Barrier Orb – Using this ability while aiming will create a vertical or horizontal wall or a barrier that will block off the enemies. You can change the position of the barrier by holding the alternate fire button and adjusting it.
  • Resurrection – This ability is used to resurrect teammates when they are killed by the enemies by bringing them back to life.

5 agents on ascent - Valorant

I hope you liked the suggestion or opinion given by us. These are the most basic and most preferable agents you can play on Ascent. Get to know more about Gaming only on Network Herald.

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