How to take screenshots in mac effectively?

Taking screenshots is a time-saving feature. When Skyping with your closest buddy, you may utilise these tools to assist guide them through an app, capture important communications, and snap damning images. Because of this, Apple computers and laptops lack a simple Print Screen key, especially the way to take screenshots in mac is difficult not as easy as Windows.

In order to achieve the screenshot you want, there are keyboard shortcuts and programmes available. These instructions may be learned in a matter of minutes.

There are several ways you can take screenshots in mac, as follows:

With Mac OS keyboard shortcuts, you may quickly and easily snap screenshots of the full screen or a specific area of it. Apple’s techniques save screenshots to the desktop by default, but you may use a keyboard shortcut to copy the screenshot to the clipboard instead.

1) Entire screen

Use the key combination Cmd + shift + 3 to capture the entire screen. This creates a screenshot preview on the bottom-right portion of the screen that you can click on and edit the screenshot.

Capture Entire Screen Capture Entire Screen 2

2) Selected portion of the screen

Use the key combination Cmd + shift + 4 to capture select and capture a specific portion of the screen. This also creates a screenshot preview that can be edited.
On pressing the keys, the cursor becomes a crosshair that can be dragged to select the area of the screen to capture. We can cancel the screenshot process using the Escape key.

The selected portion of the screen screenshots in mac

3) Capture a Window

Use the key combination Cmd + shift + 4 again, After the crosshair icon appears, press the space key which converts that to a camera icon. Move around the camera icon to select the window for capture. This again can be edited.
Press escape to cancel the screenshot.

The desktop, menu bar, dock, and even an active menu can be saved using this way in addition to windows.

With a translucent background, you may save a picture of the window and its shadow (PNG). When saving an image, hold down the Option (or Alt) key to remove the shadow.

Capture a window screenshots in mac


So, in this way, you can take screenshots in mac computers. Do provide your feedback in the comments.

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