Google CEO Sundar Pichai says the free Internet is under threat

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Even though many nations are regulating the flow of information, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has warned that the system or the model is often taken for granted.

In a recent warning, Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated that the free and open internet is under attack around the world, claiming that many countries are restricting the flow of information and that the model is often taken for granted. “The free and open internet is under attack around the world,” Pichai stated.

He discussed a wide range of topics with the BBC while at Google’s headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, including the threat to free and open internet access. He also focused on two developments that he believes will further revolutionize the world over the next quarter-century: artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing.

Mr. Pichai is 49 years old, who was born in Tamil Nadu and grew up in Chennai, has stated that India is profoundly ingrained in him and that it is a significant part of his identity and character.

“I am an American citizen, but India is a part of me that is profoundly rooted. Therefore, it is an important component of my identity,” he stated when questioned about his origins.

Mr. Pichai also spoke about the problems around taxation, privacy, and data collection. He asserted that artificial intelligence was more significant than fire, electricity, or the internet, among other things.

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Here’s what Google CEO Sundar Pichai said,

‘I believe it [highlighting artificial intelligence] to be the most significant technology that humanity will ever develop and work on,’ says the author. As an example, think of fire or electricity or even the internet and you’ll see what I mean. But I believe there is something even more profound,” said Mr. Pichai, the CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, in a statement.

Mr. Pichai, the chief executive of one of the most complicated, cautioned the free and open internet is under attack in nations around, the article said, adding that he claimed many countries are restricting the flow of information, and the model is frequently taken for granted.

Answering the question of whether China’s model of the internet, which relies heavily on monitoring, is gaining traction, Pichai stated that the “free and open internet” is “under threat.” “None of our key products and services are accessible in China,” he added, without specifically mentioning the country or its people. Specifically, he addressed the contentious topic of taxation, stating, “We are one of the world’s greatest taxpayers; if you look at the average over the previous decade, we have paid more than 20% in taxes.”

In the United States, where we originated and where our goods are created, we do pay the vast majority of our share of taxes. “I believe there are constructive discussions taking place, and we support the worldwide OECD discussions on determining the most equitable method to distribute taxes; but, this is a problem that cannot be solved by a single company,” he added.

He was also asked about his own personal technology habits, and he encouraged everyone to use “two-factor authentication” when creating passwords to ensure multiple layers of protection. He also admitted that he changes his phone regularly to experiment with new technology.

According to the survey, Mr. Pichai is widely recognized as a leader who is unusually courteous, insightful, and compassionate.

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