Finally an option to remove “Continue Watching” titles on Netflix


Netflix is one of the most popular entertainment services in the world, with 222 million paid customers in over 190 countries watching TV shows, documentaries, feature films, and mobile games in a wide range of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want on any internet-connected screen, at any time and from anywhere. Members can watch without ads or commitments and can play, pause, and resume viewing at any time.

Netflix provides the option to “Continue Watching” the shows even after you close the app. But, it never had an option to remove the series and movies from the list manually.

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Recently, Netflix has added the option for users to manually remove shows and movies from the “Continue Watching” line. That means you can finally get rid of the half-finished documentaries or binge-watched TV series that have been haunting the Netflix user interface.

Netflix’s online, mobile and TV apps already include the new feature. But the option to remove items from the “Continue Watching” list is not currently available to all Netflix subscribers. You’ll have to wait if your screen appears the same as before.


Remove Continue Watching

To get rid of a show, simply choose the title you wish to get rid of. The “Remove from Continue Watching” icon can be found in the user settings menu underneath the title. The removal can be swiftly undone if you click a second time.

Remove Continue Watching (2)


Previously, a semi-finished show or movie eventually disappeared from the UI (replaced by another semi-finished show or movie).

The new characteristic is a welcome manner. Netflix is giving visitors extra alternatives to tailor their screens. Although the service’s UI hasn’t been modified plenty within a previous couple of years, this is a great update.


While the change isn’t the most significant in Netflix’s user interface, the Continue Watching row is an important part of the site’s design. It’s one of the first things customers see when they launch the app on their phones or TVs. As a result, providing everyone with a little more control and curation over what appears on that row is a good feature. Hopefully, this feature will be available to everyone soon.

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