Reliance Jio will allow Video calls using Smart TVs for JioFiber users

Reliance Jio has unveiled a new service for JioFiber customers that will allow them to make video calls using their smart TVs. The telecommunications behemoth has announced the introduction of a new function known as “camera on cable.”

Making video calls from their televisions would be possible using Android devices or iPhones, according to the feature. Users will be needed to download the JioJoin application in order to make use of the feature.

Jio has just launched a slew of promotions for its prepaid customers, known as JioPhone users.

On most iPhone contracts, the telecommunications behemoth is now providing a buy one, get one free promotion.

It is necessary to download the JioJoin app from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store if you are a JioFiber customer.

After installing the app, customers will be asked to acquire a 10-digit JioFiber number from the company’s website.

This would enable your phone to function as a virtual companion device for your Jio Fiber connection.

Users may utilize this function to transform their mobile phone into a camera, which they can then position next to their television to conduct video calls.

The video calling feature is enabled through JioFiber Voice, which is included with the JioFiber service.

In comparison to the typical landline experience, Reliance claims that JioFiberVoice is unique.

After you have provided all of the necessary information, you may turn on the “Camera on Mobile” function in the JioJoin application. Using this method, you might transform your mobile phone into a web camera.

Jio has suggested that consumers switch to the 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency on their modems in order to improve battery clarity and connection. The Jio Join app may be downloaded on Android phones running version 6.0 or above and iOS devices running version 10.0 or higher.

This feature would be useful for Smart TVs that do not come with built-in webcams, although manufacturers such as OnePlus and Xiaomi have introduced smart TVs with built-in web cameras in recent years.

However, if your television does not have a web camera, you will not be needed to purchase a new one since you may use the Jio Join app to transform your phone into a webcam.

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