How to Record Google Meet? Easy Working Solution

Google Meet is an easy video sharing or conferencing platform that made online education easy, and useful. Many organizational authorities or school teachers wonder ‘how to record google meet?’ properly and where does it gets saved? So, don’t worry, here’s the actual solution in this post. So, let’s begin.

The first thing to mention is that the ability to record a Google Meet video conference is part of the enterprise version of G suite and it may not be available for your personal Google account. However, at the time pandemic, Google has made this premium feature free because of the COVID 19 situation and the fact that many educators are having to teach remotely. But you must require a Google Workspace account to utilize it properly.

Next, we also need to mention that this feature is something that your technology people need to turn ON in the G Suite admin console. This option is found under the Google Meet settings in the section on the recording. This is where your tech administrators can enable or disable the ability to record a Google Meet video conference.

So, How to Record Google Meet?

Now assuming that your school has access to this feature and that it has been turned ON for you, here are the directions for recording a Google Meet video conference.

  • First Open your browser and start up a Google Meet as usual.

Now you do not have to invite anyone else to the Meet if you simply want to record yourself such as giving a presentation or teaching a lesson for others to view later. However, if you do have other people join you in the Meet, be sure to let them know that the meeting is going to be recorded.

  • When you’re ready to start recording, just click the three dots button down in the bottom right corner and then choose ‘Record meeting’.
    Google Meet Record Meeting

Next, click the Accept button to begin and that’s it. The meeting is now recorded. You can now conduct the meeting as normal using all the features of Google Meet such as presenting your screen to show a slideshow or such. Now keep in mind that what is being recorded is whoever is currently speaking or whatever is being presented, not necessarily what you see on your screen for example the menu bar wherein other attendees on your screen, won’t be recorded.

Now when you are ready to end the recording just click the three dots button again and choose ‘Stop Recording’ and then confirm with it. If you wanna start recording again you can start and stop recording as many times as you like but it will save each recording as a separate video.

The recording will now be saved to your Google Drive in a folder called ‘Meet Recording’, it will take a little while for the recording to show up there as Google does need to process the video. So if you do not see the video right away, check back a little later. You also receive an email with the link to access and play the recording video.

What if you created a Google Meet through Google Calendar?

Also, if you created a meeting through Google calendar, then a link to the recording will be added to the Calendar event. So, whosoever is invited to the meeting will have the access to it.

What if you created a Google Meet through Google Classroom?

If you use Google Classroom, it is super easy to share the recorded video with your class. Just go to Classroom and then start a new post in the stream or on the classwork page such as an assignment or material. in this case, we’ll post a new post to the stream. Fulfil the options and click on the ‘Add’ button chooses Google Drive, because that’s where the videos are being saved from Google Meet. Now, you should see your recordings in the recent files but if not you can choose My drive and then Open the folder called Meet recordings to locate the video from your Google Meet. Select the video and click Add and then finally click the Post button to declare or submit the recording to your class.

Ways to Share you Recording through Google Classroom

In addition to Google Classroom, there are many other ways to share your recording. One of the easiest ways to share the video from your Google Drive, just like you would share a Google Docs. Just go to your Drive go to the Meet recording folder and locate the recording. You can now right-click on the video and choose share or you can simply select the video and then go up to the sharing button in the top menu bar. You can now share the recording with specific people by putting their email addresses or a Google group email address into the people box. If you want anyone to be able to view the video then click on ‘Get shareable link’. This will create a link that you can copy and share with anybody like your school or organization and that will allow them to watch the video.


So these were the ways to record Google Meet, hope it helped you in any way. Do provide your feedback for the same and Thanks for reading this post.

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