Realme Pad leaked images are out

Realme is estimated to raise its limits with the release of its rumoured tablet and laptop, among other things. Rumours have begun to circulate, giving us reason to believe that it will strike soon. Now, we have a few leaked photos of the company’s rumoured Realme Pad, which show the tablet from every perspective.

The photos, which have been sent to us by well-known leakster OnLeaks (in cooperation with 91Mobiles), are in addition to some further information about the tablet in question. Look at what we’ve got to offer you!

The design of the Realme Pad has been leaked

According to the pictures, the Realme Pad will have flat corners and a single rear camera that protrudes a little from the back panel. The back of the jacket is likewise branded with the company’s logo in small letters. According to reports, the front portion of the device has a considerable number of bezels. The top of the bezel is observed to have a front camera in the centre of the device. It appears to be quite similar to the iPad Pro that will be released in 2020.

It has also been speculated that the tablet would have a two-tone finish. In addition to the black and grey colours that have been leaked, we may see other colour possibilities in the future.

Realme Pad 1
Image Credits: 91mobiles
Realme Pad 2
Image Credits: 91mobiles
Photo 3
Image Credits: 91mobiles

Image 4

There are also specifics on the port placement: the power on/off button, two speakers, and a probable microSD card slot are all seen on the top edge, while the volume rocker and a possible microSD card slot are expected on the right. Another set of speakers and a USB Type-C port can be found on the bottom edge of the device. However, something is interesting about it as well. It is also shown to have a slot, which might be for a stylus, in the bottom.

More information has also been made available. This tablet is expected to have a screen size of 10.4 inches and will measure 246.1 x 155.8 x 6.8mm in height, width, and thickness, according to rumours. It has the potential to be 8.4mm thick. It is also believed to include a battery with a capacity of 7,100mAh.

For the time being, however, no further information is available. The Realme Pad is scheduled to be released at the same time as the Realme Book, maybe in October. It is more likely to fall inside the cheap price range.

We’ll have to wait till Realme issues an official statement on this before we can get a clearer sense. As a result, keep an eye out for updates.

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