How Music affects our Daily lives?

Travelling alone?? let’s listen to some music on Spotify. Or maybe Completing assignments? let’s put the headphones on. Doing daily chores?? why not do it with music on. These are the things we often do without a second thought. Music is, of course, a very essential part of everyone’s life. Music is known to boost your mood and make you feel happy and relieve your stress. But, what if I tell you all of this is a lie?? and you have been fooled?? What if I tell you that music has some negative effects too. Yes, I know it is hard to believe but yes, it is true. I’ll tell you why. Please keep reading to know how music affects our daily lives


1. Lacking productivity:

Yes! you heard it right. Music makes you less productive. Recent studies have found out working while listening to music makes you lose concentration. Since our brain is developed in a way where it could focus on only one thing at one time. Listening to music while doing something important would not prove very helpful. 

2. Music Lyrics make you sadder

Many songs contain sad and depressing lyrics. Listening to such songs makes you feel sad. Listening to sad music releases oxytocin; the same hormone that is released while one is high on the dosage of drugs. it will give you a small sense of instant happiness but would prove harmful in the long run.


3. Objectifying women

most of these so-called “modern music” today objectify women. Yes, the songs these days highly objectify women in terms of lyrics and videos as well. I don’t have to name such songs but we all know there are too many of them. 

4. Lyrics have a negative impact on children

Listening to songs that contain high usage of alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. normalises it in a way that children think it is common to do such things in day-to-day life. also, parents can’t see what kind of content their children are absorbing. Which makes it more harmful for children especially.

5. With headphones always on, it makes you seem an unapproachable human:

People would not want to talk to you if you always have your headphones on, it would make your image of a very self-centred person who does not want to interact with people around them. Trust me, it feels so lonely when people don’t think you’re the right person to talk to.

I have been through all of it and that is the main reason I chose to write this to spread awareness; to let people know how it is necessary to know both, the pros and cons, effects and side effects of something or anything which is used in our everyday life. Of course, I am not saying quit listening to music or music is bad for you. But it is up to us to choose very wisely the type of content we are taking in.

Choose the content that wouldn’t affect your mental health in a bad way. Listen to songs that have beautiful and good lyrics, listen to songs when you’re not doing anything and concentrate only on music and nothing important. I hope I was able to convey my point of view without offending everyone who will read this. Thank you!

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