Mumbai University Exams to be held Online or Offline?

The Mumbai University Exams 2022 are set to commence in the near future. According to various media sources, it has been discovered that several institutions in the city are intending to hold undergraduate examinations in the traditional manner. While formal confirmation is required, sources indicate that the majority of the institutions involved in this initiative are self-governing.

Autonomous Colleges to held Offline Exams

Mumbai University will begin administering final semester examinations for undergraduate courses beginning in April. On Thursday, March 3, the university released the dates for the beginning of the examination period. However, a decision on the format of the exams (online vs in-person) has not yet been made. According to a report in the Times of India, certain independent institutions, including St Xaviers, Mithibai, and Sophia’s, have chosen to conduct examinations using pen and paper. Others are awaiting the outcome of the university’s decision.

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The same TOI article on Mumbai University Exams also indicates that autonomous institutions such as Sophia College, Mithibai College, and St. Xavier’s College are most likely to opt for offline exams, according to the study.

Mumbai University Exams to be Offline

According to a principle, extensive preparations will need to be undertaken in order for the exams to be held off-campus. “Students who are not in the city will have to return, everyone will have to be completely vaccinated, and standard operating procedures will have to be developed,” he stated. In a previous announcement, the institution stated that “all semesters of conventional courses, with the exception of semester 2, would be offered online, while the majority of exams for professional courses will be held in person.”

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St. Xavier’s College, on the other hand, published a notification on March 4 announcing in-person exams for undergraduate students appearing in semesters II, IV, and VI, as well as postgraduate students appearing in semesters II and IV.

The in-person tests, according to a teacher from Sophia’s College, would consist of a mixture of descriptive and multiple-choice questions. In addition, because many students may have missed writing experience as a result of the epidemic, they would be asked to write brief responses to descriptive questions, she explained.

Prior to this, another statement regarding Mumbai University Exams 2022, which would be held entirely online, was made. This was, however, only for the majority of the regular courses, and it was done in accordance with the official announcement. Other exams, such as those for Professional degrees, are also scheduled to be conducted online in the near future.

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Updates on the Mumbai University Exams 2022 from official sources are likely to be released in the near future. Meanwhile, students and stakeholders are encouraged to visit the official website to stay up to current on the latest developments. It is also recommended that you get in touch with your particular universities in order to receive updates about MU Exams.

Since most institutions have resumed offline teaching, it is expected that Mumbai University Exams 2022 would be held in a traditional setting for UG courses. The decision to go down was made in February when the COVID-19 situation had improved and vaccination rates had increased significantly.


Mumbai University should conduct an Online exam for Summer 2022, as students didn’t get sufficient time to be prepared for the Offline exam.

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