10 Best Movie Download Sites for Free (100% Legal) in 2022

For many individuals, watching movies is the ideal kind of quick and easy pleasure. A cinephile is always on the lookout for the best free movie download sites since nothing good comes for free. In this post, we’ll warn you about the dangers of downloading movies illegally and let you know various legitimate resources for lawfully downloading movies. Also, we’ve listed the 10 Best Movie Download Sites for Free. So enjoy the movies download top sites list.

List of Best 10 Movie Download Sites for Free (100% Legal) in 2022

We’ve put together a list of legal sites that offer free movies and TV series, as well as legal music and sports streaming.

1) YouTube

Even though YouTube is still the most popular place to watch videos online, it has been increasing its investment in original content and looking for new ways to make money. Most new movies may be rented via YouTube. You’ll be shocked to learn, though, that the website provides free streaming of over 350 feature films.

YouTube Movies Movie Download Sites for Free

Keep in mind that this isn’t the same as YouTube TV, which provides access to live television. On our list of the greatest movie streaming websites, it’s also included. For individuals who can’t afford to pay for Netflix or Hulu, this makes YouTube a completely free movie source.


  • 350 movies+ are available for streaming.
  • YouTube’s user interface is user-friendly.
  • Functioning across several platforms.

2) Hulu

Hulu comes at #2 in our movies download top sites list. Hulu, the subscription-based streaming service, is also available to you if you choose for a 30-day trial membership. Spotify Premium Student with Showtime and Hulu is also available for $4.99/month. There’s no better deal out there than this. You may also spend a few hours viewing a variety of free television shows. Hulu, too, is available on mobile devices running iOS and Android. Remember that not all nations in the globe have Hulu. So, a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy is necessary.

Hulu Movie Download Sites for Free


  • Spotify’s student plan is good for up to four years of use.
  • Cross-platform compatibility is excellent

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3) Vimeo

Both YouTube and Vimeo provide a large selection of free movies. For those who prefer watching indie films and documentaries for free, a site is a terrific option because of its simple design. There are a plethora of short films to choose from. The On-Demand video content part of Vimeo allows users to purchase TV series and movies they want to watch whenever they want.

Vimeo Movie Download Sites for Free


  • Lots of free movies to watch on sites like YouTube
  • Section “On-Demand” for more watching and downloading options

4) Watch TCM

Watch TCM comes at #4 in our movies download top sites list. In the United States, a cable subscription is the most common method for accessing free movies and television shows. You can find an incredible selection of movies on the internet thanks to the collaboration between cable networks, cinema scholars, as well as streaming services.

WatchTCM Movie Download Sites for Free

The finest selection of free movies may be found on Turner Classic Movies’ TCM. Using either a cable or satellite subscription, you may access an endless number of free movies through a programme called Watch TCM.

TCM’s specialised applications for Android, iOS, Apple TV, and more make it even better. Additionally, the service includes essays about various artists and their works, as well as short films and movie suggestion lists.


  • Cable TV subscriptions can be paired with this service.
  • The classics may be viewed on a variety of platforms.

5) Hotstar

Hotstar comes at #5 in our movies download top sites list. Speaking of Indian/Hindi content, we’ve already discussed the American audience and the ease with which free movies are available to them on the YouTube area.


Despite the increasing focus on Indian viewers by subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar remains a strong source for free streaming and movie downloads for offline viewing. Only paying Hotstar customers may see the exclusive premieres of Indian films on the Hotstar platform.

The software is well-designed and the service’s UI is easy to use. Additionally, Hotstar is a terrific place to catch up on Indian television series, sports, and news.

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  • Free entertainment for Indians is the best option.
  • Affordable premium movie download subscriptions

6) Crackle

Because Sony owns Crackle, it’s a terrific place to watch free movies online. As a result, you’ll have no shortage of films to choose from. Your preferences will guide the recommendations you’ll see when you sign up for an account and build a “Watchlist.”


Other websites do not have access to Crackle’s extensive library of well-known films and TV series. As long as you don’t mind seeing a few advertisements. There’s Seinfeld, Firefly, Sports Jeopardy, and more to choose from. The fact that Crackle provides applications for both Android and iOS is a definite benefit.

Some of Crackle’s material may be restricted in your country because of licencing agreements. Using a virtual private network or a proxy service, you may access them.


  • More than a hundred films available for free online viewing
  • Subtitling options that are straightforward to use

7) A24 Movies on Kanopy

Kanopy is a must-see when it comes to movie streaming treasures. Kanopy has been able to provide a unique assortment of information for free by cooperating with libraries and colleges throughout the world. Kanopy and Oscar-winning film company A24 announced their cooperation just a year ago.

A24 Movies on Kanopy


  • Hundreds of critically acclaimed and independent films
  • A one-of-a-kind streaming method

8) Pluto TV

Pluto TV drops at #8 in our movies download top sites list. One of my favourite services on this list is Pluto TV, which aims to emulate the look and feel of a typical television set. There are 75+ channels to choose from when you use this service to watch free movies online. News, TV, film, technology, sports, and other popular categories are all represented on these channels.


Pluto TV’s official app is available for a wide range of platforms, so you can watch your favourite shows while on the move. They also have a movie channel all to themselves.

It’s important to keep in mind that some channels are only accessible if you live in the United States. There are two ways to ensure an uninterrupted online experience: you may use a virtual private network (VPN) or proxy.


  • Conventional television-like UI
  • Cross-platform availability across the world

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9) MoviesFoundOnline

MoviesFoundOnline drops at #9 in our movies download top sites list. Free movies, indie films, TV series, and stand-up comedy videos are all available on this website. Cult masterpieces, short films, documentaries, and comedies are all available for free viewing on this website.


Thousands of free movies in the public domain may be found on this site. Copyright infringement is a top priority for MoviesFoundOnline because the site does not host or post any media on its own.


  • Comfortable browsing at night with the Night Mode feature
  • In addition, there are short films, documentaries, cartoons, and television series.

10) PopcornFlix

Screen Media Ventures owns this free movie streaming service. Movies in the public domain and unique content can be found on the site. You don’t have to pay a dime to access this website’s content on any device.


Free movies are available in a wide variety of genres on the website, including action, comedy and horror. Many free TV shows and the complete library of National Geographic series are available here as well.


  • A PopcornFlix app just for youngsters
  • The ability to add GIFs and comments to movie clips is a unique feature.

Conclusion – Movie Download Sites for Free

As a result, you now have a list of 10 of the Best Movie Download Sites for Free. To answer the question of which site is better, we would respond that it depends on what sort of movies you are looking for. Watch TCM and Crackle for oldies, and Kanopy for independent films.


  • If a movie download site claims to be legal, how can you tell?

To ensure that the site you’re downloading from is legitimate, there isn’t a single test you can complete. However, all of the sources on our list have been thoroughly vetted and proven to be 100% legal. In addition, if the free site is offering fresh releases and recommending VPNs, these are some of the warning indicators for an illegal source to look out for.

  • What if I want to use a VPN to obtain free movies?

It is not necessary to use a VPN or proxy to mask your online activities if you are certain that you are downloading movies from a legal website or source.

  • Is it legal to download Netflix movies/shows?

You may download Netflix material to your Android or iOS smartphone if you have a paid Netflix membership. For Windows, you’ll need to install Netflix’s official client application. Netflix can’t be watched or downloaded on a Mac because there isn’t an app for it.

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