The Motorola Razr has started getting its Android 10 update

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The Motorola Razr is a popular smartphone in 2020, but only a small percentage of the population carries one in their pockets. With a price tag of Rs 1,24,999, it is reasonable to say that it will be available only to the wealthy.

Nonetheless, it has a high appeal factor, and we can only hope that subsequent incarnations will be more reasonably priced.

Motorola, on the other hand, has published the Android 10 upgrade for the current model, and based on the Razr’s log sheet, it appears that the update has made the device more useful (and may we say desirable).

When Motorola introduced the Razr to the foreign market in November, the phone came pre-installed with Android 9 Pie. This was surprising considering that Android 10 had been available for three months at the time.

Motorola has previously stated that the Razr would receive the Android 10 upgrade later, which has finally occurred. However, despite the fact that it was late to the party, Motorola has added numerous features to make the Razr even more enticing.

Like previous Razrs, the new Razr receives all of the new Android 10 features, including the enhanced privacy features, the new dark mode, the gesture navigation system, and more. However, similar to the Motorola Edge+, the Razr also includes the MyUX feature, which allows for significantly greater customization of the user interface than was previously possible. Colors, shapes, and other aspects of the icons can be customized.

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The Quick View display, on the other hand, has seen the most significant improvements. The Moto Display’s outer display, which was 2.7 inches in size at launch, could simply show notifications underneath it and did not provide much feedback with them. Notifications are now displayed as cards in Android 10, and if the app supports it, you can interact with them in a variety of ways. If the app supports it, you will be able to respond to messages.

When you select Quick View, a little keyboard will appear on the screen, allowing you to type your content. It’s also possible to have a couple of contacts organized on the shortcuts page, which may be accessed with a single swipe. This will allow you to make a phone call without having to pick up the phone.

Users will also have access to a mini-dialler from this display, allowing them to search for other contacts. More music apps will be able to control playback as well as previously. On this smaller display, you will also be able to see Google Maps’ direction cards.

Motorola has made it easier to live with the Razr than it was previously with the upgrade. With the larger Quick View display on the Razr, Motorola had a lot more potential than the smaller screen on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and it appears that Motorola is making the most of that potential. Although Razr’s specifications are out of date, it appears to be a superior pick in terms of usability at the present.

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