What is Matter Protocol?

Have you ever wondered what smart security device to buy? Or which voice assistant is the best for you to learn a new language? Heard about Matter protocol? There are a plethora of options in the market that can easily make the consumer confused, ultimately directing them to make an uninformed choice. With so many brands offering a similar set of product features, it gets difficult to choose one. Moreso, a brand whose one product is on the leaderboard, might not be so appealing when it comes to the other. The dilemma of buying products from only one brand or buying various brands with compatibility issues thus arise.

Compatibility issues can now be taken care of with the help of Matter Technology. The matter is simply a standard set for home tech products that will help you simplify the process of installing a new smart device at your home. This industry unifying standard will capacitate the compatibility & interoperability of various devices and ensure the safety of data, reliability of smart tech and secured connectivity. The idea is to support more manufacturers in the development of smart products and at the same assure customers of the credibility of the product.

What makes Matter Protocol unique?

The matter is an open-source platform where no entry fee is charged. With the absence of any entry barriers, the platform is accessible for tech Manufacturers to work with it. This ultimately results in more brands collaborating and making compatible products.

Why is Matter needed?

With the emergence of new Tech players, the IoT device market has become fragmented. This fragmentation has proven to be beneficial to none. Many IoT devices work with one but not with the other.

This discordant has ultimately led to the birth of Matter Protocol where nearly 170 tech manufacturers including many incumbents like Apple, Google, Samsung etc have come together to set up this technology. Not only will this protocol help in removing borders for different companies, but also between various technologies like WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, etc.

Where can Matter be used?

In the initial stages, Matter is thought to be used only for home automation but can later be used for industrial automation and commercial automation as well. These are just a few to name. Matter can be used anywhere where connectivity is required. Be it classrooms, Board meetings, Medical institutions, you name it.

How will Smart Products be made using Matter Protocol?

The matter will offer a standard compliance code to all. Coders can build over that code and avoid programming for different ecosystems with Matter acting as an interoperability catalyst. Not only is the code made available to all, but also a user-friendly guide has been published on CSA’s website to help these developers easily play with Matter and see what it can do. The platform offers the programmers an area to experiment with and further use the learning’s in developing their product extending it to the market.

It is not wrong to say that in the coming years, Matter will become the seal of approval removing the guesswork for its customers and simplifying coders work in making IoT devices seamlessly compatible.

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