6 Lightweight Browsers for Windows 10/11 (2022)

When we need to find anything, we utilise a web browser to search for material, which plays a significant role in our everyday routine. In this post, we’ll see the list of lightweight browsers for windows 10 and 11.

There are numerous browsers out there that might cause your phone to hang or infect your computer with a virus, so we’ve compiled a list of the safest and least space-consuming options for you to choose from when browsing the internet on your phone or laptop.

Use these browsers to improve your surfing experience and productivity. These browsers will come in handy if you’re concerned about your hard drive’s storage capacity or if you dislike having pop-up adverts interrupt your browsing experience.

Each of these browsers has its own distinct set of characteristics, which makes them popular. Several of them are well-known, as well. We’ve covered the list of lightweight browsers for windows so you can see if any of them catch your eye.

Best lightweight browsers for windows 10/11

1) Microsoft’s Edge browser

This browser is the ideal choice if you’re seeking blazing-fast performance and cross-platform compatibility. It is the reason why Edge is #1 on our list of lightweight browsers for windows. Be in complete control of your browsing experience, and all of your personal information. Edge offers a unique element that sets it apart from the rest: the ability to receive incentives for supporting the cause.


Edge is a speedy browser even on sluggish internet connections, which is a big positive for this browser, hence we strongly suggest it. It’s made by Microsoft. As a result, you may put your faith in this browser and the regular upgrades it receives in order to better serve its users.

Download Edge

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2) Brave Browser

Brave browser is three times quicker than chrome. It’s on the second on the list of lightweight browsers for windows. This browser’s function that disables all advertising, even those on YouTube, is one of my favourites. It makes for a far more pleasant browsing experience. Your private information is always safe.

Brave Browser

Using it, you may make money by watching adverts that are relevant to your search queries. Using Tor’s private browsing mode, you may access any website without anybody noticing. This browser’s user interface is extremely user-friendly, and it incorporates the Tor network for maximum privacy.

Download Brave

3) Opera

If you’re looking for a fast and secure web browser, Opera is a great option for you and is on a third of the list of lightweight browsers for windows. This browser’s AI and layout are so flawless that everyone will be compelled to use it. The built-in ad blocker is so effective that you won’t need to use another one.

Opera browser

Every function imaginable is included in Opera. Compared to other online programmes, it takes up extremely minimal storage space. Chromium is the engine of this popular and widely-used browser, and it runs on a variety of platforms.

Download Opera

4) Vivaldi Browser

With Vivaldi’s 0 tracking feature, you can better protect your privacy and security online. Ads and pop-ups are kept at bay thanks to the browser’s built-in adblocker.

Encryption from end to end makes it possible to sync passwords, bookmarks, and more across all of your devices with complete security. Tab tiling, which enables you to customise Vivaldi’s whole layout, is my favourite feature. It makes using Vivaldi more enjoyable.

Vivaldi Browser

Keep a list of your favourite websites on the sidebar so you can go to them quickly and easily. If you’re looking for an internet browser with a wide range of advanced capabilities, this is the one.

Download Vivaldi

5) Torch

The torch is one of the world’s most popular, beautiful, and extensively used browsers. The torch browser’s many advanced features, such as Media Grabber, Torch Music, Torch Facelift, and Torch Games, have made it a popular choice for many people.


You may download films and photos from this browser without having to travel to a third-party website or third-party software, thanks to the improvement of this browser. With a built-in torrent capability, you don’t need to install any other software to increase your torrent downloading speed.

Download Torch

6) Maxthon Cloud Browser

As a result of its sophisticated features, Maxthon has been awarded an award. There are many people that adore Maxthon because it’s quick, secure, and free of ads.

Maxthon Cloud Browser

With a single click, you can quickly and easily download large files like videos and images at lightning-fast speeds. It may be used on a variety of platforms, making it quite useful. Because of Maxthon’s secure cloud browser and multi-platform data sharing, you may put your trust in it completely.

Download Maxthon Cloud Browser


So, this was the list of the 6 best lightweight browsers for windows 10 and 11. If you know any other web browser which should be involved in this sequence, feel free to comment below.

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