Latest Graphics Card Prices in India July 2021

The graphics card has become an important element for building a PC in recent years. Also, the stock was scarce this year due to crypto mining one of the dominant reason behind it, resulting in a huge impact on the gaming community with the price rise.

Source: Green Apple Compunet

The good news is that graphics card prices are normalizing with time. According to our sources (Compunet), graphic card pricing is moving back on track. You can have a look at the pricing provided below by Compunet. They are active on Social media and is located at Thane in Mumbai (have a look at its address)

Model Price Rate
Nvidia GTX 1050Ti ₹19,000/-
Nvidia GTX 1650 ₹24,000/-
Nvidia GTX 1650 Super ₹32,000/-
Nvidia GTX 1660 ₹36,600/-
Nvidia GTX 1660 Super ₹45,000/-
Nvidia RTX 2060 ₹49,000/-
Nvidia RTX 3060 ₹65,000/-
Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti ₹70,500/-
Nvidia RTX 3070 ₹95,000/-
Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti ₹85,000/-
Nvidia RTX 3080 ₹1,80,000/-
Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti ₹1,40,000/-
Nvidia RTX 3090 ₹2,38,500/-

Graphics card pricing has been the subject of many discussions and speculations due to recent dramatic swings. From a price constraint caused by crypto miners emptying all shelves for GPUs to a global catastrophe caused by a global chipset supply bottleneck. This caused a global scarcity of graphics cards, but even if you could obtain one, you were probably paying well above the recommended MSRPs.

Graphics Card Price Drop Soon

According to a Windows Central report, this inflated pricing may be seeing a correction. Graphics card costs have dropped from nearly 3x MSRP to about 1.5x, and this isn’t a temporary change. According to the study, the price drop may be a sign of industry corrective action, which means that GPU prices in different markets may start to normal over the following days and weeks.

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