Krafton has revealed a new logo for Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India will be sporting a new logo in the near future. Instead of using the entire name of the game, the new logo refers to it as BGMI, which is the commonly used abbreviation for it and is far more straightforward to use.

An Instagram post, in which the business praised the players for helping the game hit milestone after milestone, announced the unveiling of the new logo. At the same time, Krafton revealed that it had banned over 60,000 accounts for engaging in unlawful methods in order to obtain an advantage in the game’s competition.

The new Battlegrounds Mobile India logo is made up of three colors: saffron, white, and green, to represent the country. They symbolize India because the country’s flag is made up of three primary colors.

In the words of Krafton, “BGMI is an emotion! We appreciate all of your kindness.” Many players praised Krafton’s new logo for the game, as well as a post in which they expressed their gratitude.

But several fans were disappointed that Krafton did not announce Battlegrounds Mobile India Lite, which was expected to be a lighter version of the game, similar to the PUBG Mobile Lite edition that was released earlier this year. Krafton has already said that it does not intend to release the Lite version.

Nonetheless, Krafton’s commitment to the Indian market is demonstrated by more than just the introduction of a new logo. Aside from that, the South Korean firm said that it has banned 59,247 accounts from its platform between September 10 and September 16. There were several reports from users that there were “hackers” in the game who were utilizing illegal programs and tools to murder other gamers, according to the study.

According to Krafton, these accounts have now been terminated permanently. A daily scan conducted by the game’s security system and community monitoring system revealed that the banned accounts were guilty of violating the terms of service.

Krafton stated in a statement that Battlegrounds Mobile India “would endeavor to impose harsh punishments with the ultimate objective of eliminating the usage of illicit applications in order to offer you with a pleasant gaming experience.”

Battlegrounds Mobile India gamers on both Android and iOS devices are now receiving the 1.6 version upgrade, which was just released by Krafton. The much-anticipated “Flora Menace Mode” is included in the update, which creates intermittent obstacles in the Classic map that aliens have colonized as a result of their presence.

In this mode, players will have to battle them and plunder the “Nacore” that they find. The Nacore is a currency that may be used to purchase battle equipment in the game. For the time being, this mode will only be accessible on the Erangel map, but Krafton plans to expand its availability to the Sanhok and Livik maps in the near future. Additionally, the popular Zombie mode “Survive Till Dawn” has been included in the 1.6 version upgrade. It is expected to arrive later this month.

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