Know PUBG New State release date and iOS pre-registrations

Developer Krafton is prepping up for the release of its next major game, which will introduce a whole new avatar to the critically acclaimed battle royale game PUBG Mobile.

The new game, which will be called PUBG: New State, will have the slogan “beyond battle royale,” implying that it would provide players with a more comprehensive experience.

Although Krafton has not yet announced a particular launch date for the game, the updated version of PUBG is now available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store in some parts of the world.

The game has already received more than 20 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store, which is a record for the company.

This is also due to the fact that Krafton is providing a limited-edition vehicle skin to gamers who pre-register for the game for a short time.

iOS Pre-registration for PUBG New State

Apple’s iOS pre-registration for PUBG: New State is set to commence at some point in August.

According to what is currently known about the game, PUBG: New State will have far better visuals than PUBG Mobile and will most likely include new in-game components like maps, game modes, weaponry, and other elements. In a recent video named “Field Trip to Troi – Episode 2” posted on the official YouTube channel of the game, some of these characters were seen for the first time.

The video includes Brian Corrigan, publishing director of PUBG Corporation, who speaks about the game’s most recent updates. Corrigan discusses Troi, a new 8 km x 8 km map in PUBG: New State that is set in the year 2051. In the video, Corrigan provides more information about Troi.

Much more features in the game

In addition to future vehicles such as electric automobiles and a new motorcycle, the map also contains trams that travel around the city and are untouchable by gunshots.

There will also be new devices and weaponry added to the game world, like drones, deployable shields, and an improved weapon customization system, among other additions.

Overall, PUBG: New State will provide a far more realistic and high-quality first-person shooter experience than PUBG Mobile.

Release Date

Although no official release date for PUBG: New State has been revealed as of yet, several internet sources suggest that the game will be released sometime around October.

The game’s release, on the other hand, will be limited to nations other than India, China, and Vietnam, where the game has not yet been officially announced.

In the short term, it is expected that Krafton would concentrate on delivering Battlegrounds Mobile India to all platforms in the nation initially. Because iOS users are still waiting for the release of PUBG: New State on iPhones and iPads, Krafton will only be able to proceed with the PUBG: New State deployment in the country after this has been completed.

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