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GTA Roleplay or commonly referred to as GTA RP is like living real-life in a virtual world through the game GTA. GTA RP is popular around the world including India for many years. GTA RP arrived in India with the Legacy roleplay servers back in 2019. It was the first time, the Indian Gaming community learned about GTA RP. Now, India has gone through an ‘n’ number of GTA RP servers, like Subversion Roleplay, Hydratown Roleplay, even NoPixel has opened its subdivision in India. NewDawn Roleplay was one of the underrated Indian RP servers and was owned and managed by Insomnix, back in 2020. With time, Velocity Gaming owner Manoj Kashyap aka VLT Sentinel is back with its GTA RP servers in India. In this post, I’ll let you know about how to join VLT Roleplay or Velocity Roleplay India.

About VLT Roleplay

Earlier, Velocity Gaming had GTA RP servers in India just at the time of Legacy. Although the traffic of gamers in the community wasn’t enough, lead to the server getting closed later.

In January 2022, VLT Sentinel announced that they are ready to enter into the GTA RP competition in India. They announced VLT Whitelisted servers through its official Discord server. Currently, VLT Roleplay has 10,000+ members listed on its Discord server and 100+ Whitelisted at the time of writing this post.

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How to Join VLT Roleplay India?

Steps to Register on VLT Roleplay forum

  1. Click on ‘Register’ to begin with.
  2. You can register quickly through Discord (Always Recommended). Or you can enter your Username, email and credentials.
  3. Verify the captcha highlighting ‘I am human’
  4. When you are registering through Discord, you’ll be redirected to discord authentication. Just click on ‘Authorize’ (make sure you have logged in to your discord account on the web browser).
  5. Congratulations! You’ve successfully registered on VLT Roleplay Forum.

Steps to Apply for Whitelisted Procedure

  1. Click on ‘Whitelist Applications’ on the homepage of the VLT Roleplay Forum.
  2. Click on ‘Apply Now!’
  3. That’s it! Thereafter you just need to fill out the application and submit it.

VLT Roleplay Whitelist Application Explained

Questions Asked Explanation
Discord Name: You need to enter your Discord Username here. E.g. NetworkHerald#5832
What is your steam profile link? Enter your Steam profile URL or link
What is your Hex ID? Visit Vacbanned.com, enter your Steam URL and grab your Steam Hex ID
Do you have a working microphone? Working Microphone is essential to play on any GTA RP Server, so you should always select on ‘Yes’
What is your age? Most of the GTA RP servers including VLT Roleplay requires their community or players to be 18+ due to its mature or adult content.
Do you have any prior GTA Roleplay experience? Share your experience of being in GTA RP. You can even share your role or functioning in other RP servers if you played earlier.
What is roleplay according to you? Explain the meaning of roleplay in detail
How do you plan to progress your RP in starting weeks? This question is related to Character progression and you should answer it only based on your experience or understanding of RP.
What is your character name? Enter your character name. It should consist of realistic names like in this format: FirstName LastName

For example, Louis Fernandes

What is your character backstory? [min 300 words] Enter your character’s backstory in a well-mannered way within or around 300 words. Your backstory should have a proper purpose and meaning.
Why did your character choose this city to come? [in RP question] This question is related to in-character. So you’ll need to answer this through your in-character tongue.
What are your character goals in the city? Write about the main motive of your character that he arrived in the city of Los Santos. This should be based on your character’s backstory completely.
What does the term “Gunplay over Roleplay” mean according to you? [expected 2-3 sentences] It is recommended to read about the Gunplay over Roleplay concept in GTA RP and then answer about it.
What do you mean by the term Character-Mixing? It is recommended to read about the Character Mixing concept in GTA RP and then answer about it.
What is New Life Rule (NLR)? Share your thoughts on forcing NLR [Share an example] It is recommended to read about the New Life Rule concept in GTA RP or the VLT Rules guide and then answer about it.
Explain Fear RP It is recommended to read about the Fear RP concept in GTA RP and then answer about it. Also, provide two examples related to it.


Rest must be in-RP scenario questions which would be like a GTA RP practical test for you.


So this was the guide on how to join VLT Roleplay or Velocity Roleplay. I hope your doubts are cleared, if you have any other queries, feel free to comment.

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