8 Best IR Blaster (TV Remote) Apps For Android (2022)

With each passing day, modern smartphones get more and more versatile. Phones may now do more than just make phone calls and browse the internet; Android even experiments with sensors like gyroscopes and infrared blasters in phones. You can use the IR Blaster or Infrared sensor to control your TV and other home equipment.

In order to use your smartphone’s infrared camera properly, you will need a separate app. These apps use a smartphone’s IR sensor to activate it, connect it to other devices, and control them. However, it may still be used to control most TVs and air conditioners, for example.

If you’ve been seeking for a way to control all of your gadgets with a single remote or if you’ve misplaced the remote for your TV or air conditioner, you’ve come to the perfect spot. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most recent and functional Android IR blaster apps. To that end, let us examine it.

List of Best IR Blaster (TV Remote) Apps For Android

  • Universal TV Remote Control
  • Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote
  • ASmart Remote IR
  • Galaxy Universal Remote
  • SURE
  • Mi Remote Controller
  • Irplus-Infrared Remote
  • Castreal Remote Control

1) Universal TV Remote Control

1. Universal TV Remote Control

Android users can use Universal TV Remote Control to control several home equipment, such as a TV, a set-top box and an air conditioner. Using the IR sensor on your phone, the Universal TV Remote Control performs all the functions. The biggest feature of the app is that it works with a wide range of TVs, making it a universal remote.

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  • LG, Samsung, Panasonic, and Videocon are just a few of the many supported TV manufacturers.
  • Manually verifying all of your device’s settings is also an option.
  • Although the software is free, there are numerous pop-up advertisements that may distract you. But it’s something to contemplate

2) Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote

2. Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote

ZaZa Remote is a powerful remote control for Android smartphones that you can use to control your TV. With the remote, you can easily connect to almost any device and use nearly every feature. Remote control for all kinds of devices can be found in the universal TV remote-ZaZa Remote.

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  • It’s easy to use, too, with fewer pop-ups and distractions than most other remote controls. T
  • he application will run nicely on any smartphone with an IR sensor.
  • Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote does not work with any of the major television brands.

3) ASmart Remote IR

3. ASmart Remote IR

ASmart Remote IR is a good choice if you want an IR blaster app that unites all of your home appliance controllers into one. ASmart Remote IR app can control a PlayStation and a DSLR camera in addition to a TV, setup box, and air conditioner. When the app is started, it instantly scans the area for compatible devices.

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  • On the app’s UI, there is a list of compatible devices, but you may also add new devices that aren’t.
  • ASmart Remote IR can also be used to create a custom universal remote.
  • The app is a paid one that requires a monthly or annual membership.

4) Galaxy Universal Remote

4) Galaxy Universal Remote

One of the best universal remote apps out there is Galaxy Universal Remote. You can use the app to operate your TV, air conditioner, LED light, and other electronic devices. Of course, if the preloaded configuration does not meet your needs, you may easily construct a customized remote control.

The Galaxy Universal Remote’s connectivity is a standout feature.

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  • It uses Wi-Fi to connect and control household appliances, unlike other IR blasters.
  • The app can be used to operate a broad variety of devices.



SURE is a multi-device TV remote software with a simple interface. The app is compatible with a wide range of different brands of appliances. It is superior than other options, even though SURE is only supported on a small number of cellphones.

Users report that the app connects fast and accurately to the available devices.

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  • The user interface is simple to use and understand.
  • It allows for the use of customizable themes.
  • There is a free version of the program, but you can also upgrade for more features.

6) Mi Remote Controller

6. Mi Remote Controller

Those who purchase a Mi smartphone will already have this remote controller app installed. It is one of Xiaomi’s first IR blasters, the Mi Remote Controller. Before, it could only be used on Mi smartphones, but now it works on a variety of devices.

Depending on the infrared signal coming from your favorite devices, you can tailor the TV remote app to match.

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  • Everything from TVs to air conditioners to projectors to iRobot can be controlled through the app. With that said, it is free to use as well.

7) Irplus-Infrared Remote

8. irplus-Infrared Remote

An application like this will allow you to use your smartphone’s built-in IR blaster to pair with and control all of the necessary features. In addition, the app’s UI is designed to include all of the appliance’s buttons that you want to control.

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  • Custom remote code imported from external sources can also be included.
  • Using this app on an older Android device is a breeze because to its compatibility with earlier versions of the OS.
  • Users can email the app’s developers if any of their devices won’t connect to the app.

8) Castreal Remote Control

7. Castreal Remote Control

In order to control all of your smartphone’s remote-controlled gadgets, you will need this remote. A relatively new app in the PlayStore has had a significant impact on its users. Finally, with a score of 3.5, Castreal Remote Control is worth a look.

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  •  Numerous IR codes are provided for free.
  • Some IR codes for air conditioners, on the other hand, are only available for a fee.
  • In addition, the app identifies the appropriate button for a variety of appliance models.
  • Castreal Remote Control appears to be a sensible choice in light of all the available functions.
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