All iPhone 14 models are expected to come with 120hz display

Apple’s 14th-generation iPhone is supposedly on the way, according to persistent rumors. iPhone 14 rumors have been circulating since before the iPhone 13 was even released, even though the device hasn’t been announced yet. All iPhone 14 variants are likely to include 120Hz screens and 6GB of RAM, according to the latest rumors.

The iPhone 14 series is expected to have four new models, including the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 small, according to rumors. The iPhone 14’s camera specs were previously rumored. The smartphone’s camera is expected to receive a significant improvement.

Research notes from Haitong International Securities’ Jeff Pu reveal that all iPhone 14 models will have a 120Hz refresh rate, according to MacRumors. He also said that the ProMotion screens will be available on all iPhone 14 variants.

There will be a 120Hz ProMotion display on all four of the new iPhone 14 variants, including the 14-inch regular, the 14-inch Max, and the 14-inch Pro. The iPhone 14 Pro variants are said to have 8GB of RAM, while the standard devices are expected to have 6GB of RAM. Although 8GB of RAM may not be possible because to supply chain issues, Apple may stick to 6GB RAM for all versions.

As previously reported, the iPhone 14 Pro versions are expected to use 48-megapixel cameras rather than the current model’s 12-megapixel sensors. Camera sensors of 12 megapixels are now available in the iPhone 13 range. According to Pu’s research report, the iPhone 14 Pro variants would come with 256GB of storage, up from 128GB.

The four new iPhone models are scheduled to be unveiled in September by Apple. In addition to the 6.1-inch iPhone 14, there will be larger versions of the phone in the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max and a 6.1-inch iPhone 14 Pro as well as a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max this year. It is expected that the Pro and the Pro Max variants would have 48-megapixel sensors.

According to rumors, Apple’s next-generation A16 Bionic chipset will power the iPhone 14. It’s been reported that the CPU will use a 3nm or 4nm manufacturing method, although there have also been claims that it would use the latter. TheElec earlier stated that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will have 6.6-inch and 6.7-inch displays, respectively.

The iPhone 13 is the most popular phone in the iPhone 13 lineup right now. In terms of price, the 128GB model costs Rs. 79,900 while the 256GB model costs Rs. 89,990.

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