Users on Instagram may soon be able to record 90-second reels

About Instagram Reels

In 2020, Instagram launched Reels to compete with the wildly successful short-video app TikTok. In India, where TikTok was prohibited the same year, this served as a TikTok substitute. Since then, the Meta-owned firm has introduced a number of TikTok-like features to Reels in order to make it a competitive platform.

Initial Stage

The short videos were just 15 seconds long when Instagram Reels first began. Users could create videos but to create reels, they had to create their content in 15 seconds only.

However, that time limit was eventually quadrupled and by 2021, Reels could be up to 60 seconds.

Even though TikTok expanded its limit to 3 minutes last year, Instagram is keeping to Reels’ 60-second limitation.

New 90-second Reels in the future?

While there are many Instagram Reels tips and tactics for creating compelling short video content, you cannot currently publish Reels that are longer than 60 seconds.

That could soon change, as Instagram is working to extend the duration of Reels so that users can publish longer videos on the platform (According to a recent Twitter message by the reputed tipster and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi). This is most likely to take the place of Reels’ present 60-second time limit.

Users will be able to construct longer Reels if this happens. This will allow them to make their short videos more entertaining and include more content.

One thing to keep in mind is that Paluzzi was able to gain access to this alteration through his reverse engineering talents, and you won’t be able to do so just yet.

We also don’t know if (or when) it will be included in the stable version for everyone.


Because it competes head-to-head with TikTok, we expect Instagram to implement the feature in a future update.

Instagram hasn’t mentioned the 90-second Reels option anywhere, and it could still be in beta. However, given the popularity of Reels, it’s not surprising that this functionality will be implemented soon.

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