This Instagram paid subscription feature might be interesting

Several Instagram content creators and influencers in the United States have recently begun experimenting with paid subscriptions. These subscriptions allow content creators and influencers to charge their followers a monthly fee in exchange for access to exclusive content, live videos, stories, and a purple badge next to their username to indicate they are subscribed when they interact with a creator.

Even while this function is only available to a small number of content producers in the United States, it has now been discovered in India, with price levels to subscribe to select content creators in the local currency available.

Twitter user Salman Memon posted pictures of Instagram presenting the ability to subscribe to certain author accounts, which he described as “interesting.”

The subscription cost is shown in rupees, with three different monthly fees — Rs. 89, Rs. 440, and Rs. 890 — depending on the length of the membership. When some media sources visited one of the creators’ accounts, they were able to reach the subscription page, which included the option to pay using in-app purchases on both Android and iOS devices. It has been reported that paid memberships in the United States will cost between $0.99 (approximately Rs. 74) and $99.99 (about Rs. 7400) each month, depending on the service.

Subscriber badges are shown next to usernames, as well as information about the content that subscribers are privy to, such as subscribers-only stories and exclusive live videos, in addition to the subscriber badge that was described before.

For the time being, there is no option for creators in India to set up their accounts in order to earn paid subscriptions through them. “For the time being, Subscriptions will only be accessible in the United States, but we intend to expand Subscriptions’ availability to more areas in the near future,” an Instagram representative told some media agencies.

Moreover, competitor video-sharing network TikTok recently stated that the firm was working on paid subscriptions, which would allow content producers on the platform to earn money from the videos they create.

Additionally, the tool will supplement the ability to tip producers on TikTok while also giving them the opportunity to earn a consistent income.

Last year, the microblogging site Twitter launched Super Follows, which allows users to share subscriber-only information with their followers on the service, such as “behind-the-scenes” content, early previews, and subscriber-only dialogues (for tweets) with their followers.

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