How to get a Translucent Taskbar through TranslucentTB?

Translucent – a customizable taskbar

The way your desktop looks including your taskbar is a major necessity. Everyone here wants a cool looking taskbar, which leaves the viewer dumbfound, You can find many appealing variations in the taskbar. You may even change its colour according to your preference. To have a translucent taskbar you only need Microsoft Store which is already pre-installed in your respective devices and get TranslucentTB.

If you want a Translucent Taskbar, here’s a step by step explanation for it :

1.   The first and foremost thing you have to do is to launch your Microsoft Store.


2. After you are done opening with your Microsoft Store, Go ahead and search for TranslucentTB and install it. 

3. Once installed, the Last thing you need to do is launch the app and your taskbar will naturally change and you will be having a staggering taskbar, which is going to enhance the way your desktop looks and make it more pleasing to the onlooker.

4. All the steps have been completed, you will now have a simple but attractive taskbar.

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