How to change mouse DPI in Logitech G Hub?

When it comes to gaming, Mouse is one of the most salient things one needs. There are a variety of mouse making companies currently available in the market. Many of you might be using Logitech’s Mouse and want to change its DPI settings. You need Logitech G HUB software pre-installed to change your Logitech mouse DPI settings.

If you wish to change its DPI, here’s a step by step explanation for it

1.Download Logitech G HUB software and install it on your desktop.

Open Google Chrome on your device, Type in Logitech G HUB and download and install it. The software is available on Logitech’s official website portal, so make sure you download it from that source only and avoid downloading or installing software from unknown sources.

Download Logitech GHub

2. Open Logitech G Hub software

After installation is complete and your mouse is plugged in, go ahead and open up the software and click on your respective mouse. I personally use Logitech G102 Lightsync which is compatible with the software.


3. Profile DPI Settings

After clicking on your mouse, you will be redirected to the Profile DPI setting, from where you will be able to change your mouse DPI settings as per your choice. I personally set it to around 400 to 800DPI wherein it provides me comfort while playing PC games like Valorant and Apex Legend. Also, it is quite comfortable while multi-tasking.


4. Done

You are Done changing your mouse DPI settings as it’ll get saved automatically and you are good to go. You may now enjoy your favourite games or multitask on your device.

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