How to add shortcuts on your Google Chrome page?

Opening Google Chrome and typing in your primary sites is time-consuming as every fraction of your time is worthwhile, as every day you have a particular site or a page that you visit and access. Saving each second may turn out to be useful and for which there are shortcuts icons for your sites which may save a minute or two of yours.

There are some simple steps for having shortcuts on chrome :

1. Open your Google Chrome application and there you will see an add shortcut feature on the default homepage. 


2. After opening your chrome, Select the add shortcut feature under your search bar.

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3. Now, go to the website of which you want a shortcut icon redirected and copy its link and paste it in the URL section and give it a name as per your preference or you can leave it blank by default.

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4. Once you are done with adding your URL link, go ahead and select the DONE option and now you will be having a shortcut feature for the site which you will be choosing.


5. This feature by Google may not be a dominant one but may be productive for your periodical usage.

This is all was the procedure. Thanks for reading and do have a look at Technology articles on our site.


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