5 Tricks to free up space on your Smartphone

Is there enough space on your smartphone? Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend a lot of time doing this. Since the popularity of applications has grown in recent years, manufacturers provide smartphones with internal storage capacities of 64GB or 128GB as standard. It’s hardly surprising that people have a large number of images and movies on their mobile devices.

Don’t freak out if your gadget doesn’t have a microSD card slot for more storage. Making room for new information may be accomplished in a number of ways. Here are the steps:

Tricks to free up space on your Smartphone

1) Free up Apps

Google Play Store

  • Google Play Store can help you free up space on your phone. This may come as a shock to you, but it is real. To manage your applications and device, simply launch the app and select Manage apps & device from your profile menu. Once you’ve done that, go back to the storage section and check how much space your applications have used up. Apps you’ve downloaded and how much storage space they’re taking up may be seen in this section.
  • Afterwards, you may choose which applications to remove. Your storage space might be freed up by removing the ones you rarely use. To uninstall, check the boxes on the right side of the screen, then press the trash icon > Uninstall on the menu that appears. The Play Store app even displays you how much space the selected applications would save up before you delete them. To remove many programmes at once, use this method.

2) Large files can be deleted in one easy step.

Google's Files app

  • Google’s Files app may be found on virtually every smartphone. Just type it into your phone’s search engine. Among the categories on the top of the applications are images, audio, and videos, among others. To discover “Large files,” simply swipe left on the tags. Tap on it, and the programme will display all of your smartphone’s huge files. The ones you no longer need can be deleted at that point.
  • You should be aware that the Files app by default displays huge files under the Downloads area, and this is something to keep in mind. Tap the hamburger icon in the upper-left corner to access movies and photographs. Big files can be deleted from any area by tapping the “Large files” tag. All of this is going to free up a lot of storage space all at the same time.

3) WhatsApp Storage manager

free up space smartphone

  • Hundreds of millions of Indians use WhatsApp to send messages and photographs. The Gallery app on smartphones is full of undesired photographs and videos from WhatsApp. You may utilise the messaging app’s storage manager to rapidly erase images or other material. To manage storage, simply launch the app and navigate to Settings > Storage and data. There is a section for files greater than 5MB in this library. This button allows you to remove several files, photographs, and videos at once. There are more categories in Storage Manager where you may free even more space.

4) Free up Photos to Cloud

  • Another option for freeing up space on your smartphone is to use a cloud service to store all of your photographs and movies. Every smartphone comes pre-installed with the Google Photos app, which you may utilise. The Gallery app on your phone might be deleted if you are already utilising a cloud storage service to back up all of your media. However, before you do anything more, make sure you’ve checked the Google Photos app on any other device to see if your data has been backed up.
  • Just launch the Google Photos app on your smartphone and enable the backup function in the app’s profile area if you haven’t done so before. Now, touch on the profile icon and select “Turn on backup” again. The programme will then present you with a number of image quality options; pick “Original quality” to save your photos in the best possible condition. The quality of your photographs will be degraded if you choose the storage-saving option. There is nothing more I need to do for you. You should see a message indicating that Google has begun backing up your images and videos. Your photographs and movies will be accessible across all of your devices as long as you keep them back up using this service.

5) Clearing the app’s cache is necessary

Clearing the app's cache is necessary

  • As a last option, you may erase the cache of the applications to free up additional space on your phone’s memory card. The cache is what I’m referring to here, not user data. This means you should avoid erasing app data by selecting Clear Storage. It is quite safe to do a Cache-clearing operation on applications. Just go to Settings > Apps > press on any app > tap on Storage > Clear Cache and you’ll be done.


In such a way, with the easier task, you can free up enough space from your smartphone and enjoy. Do comment below about the quality or help this article provided to you.

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