Fortnite Love is in the Air Event Announced

The date for the upcoming Creative Mayhem event in Fortnite has been announced. Players will engage in combat across new Fortnite Creative maps to earn Valentine’s Day-themed loot as well as the possibility of a monetary payout. “Love is in the Air,” as the battle royale is dubbed, is taking place.

If you are unfamiliar with Fortnite’s Creative Mayhem, players compete on a specific Creative map and then submit their best scores or timings to Epic Games. Players must submit their results online to be considered for a substantial cash prize, and the top ones are selected to participate in a Fortnite content development team.

What is “Fortnite Love is in the Air”?

The “Love is in the Air” event, as noted on the official Fortnite website, is open to all players and may be accessed at any time. Deathrunners can register their fastest map time on the Creative Mayhem website, which launched on February 7 at 9 a.m. ET and will remain accessible until February 14 at 9 a.m. ET for the duration of the competition.

Before filming their walk-through, gamers must first create an account on the chosen website, choose a creator, upload their video to YouTube, and then share the URL and timestamp of their video on the sign-up portal.

For the Love Reigns Emoticon and the Mace of Hearts Pickaxe, you must register on the aforementioned Fortnite’s Creative Mayhem website and play the game for at least half an hour to earn them. There will be an initial round of qualifiers for all submitted videos on the 26th and 27th of this month.

Participating in the competition will be top Fortnite content makers from all around the world, like Greg of Spain, Loserfruit of Australia, and SparklesQT of the United States, among others. Approximately one hundred thousand dollars in prize money is at stake in the Global Finals, which are slated to take place on March 12 in Las Vegas.

Love is in the Air isn’t the only new feature that has gained widespread notice since the game’s release a couple of months ago. It was just last week that the Fortnite v19.20 update was launched, which brought with it an avalanche of new features and enhancements. The most notable addition is the current Covert Cavern POI, which has a Mythical form of the Stinger SMG. This is the most recent addition.

Even though it has just had a big makeover, the Mighty Shotgun has also been made available as part of the update. In v19.20, feathers, a new item added in the game, may now be used to reveal the masks hidden throughout Haven.

A large number of players, perhaps tens of thousands, will be going head-to-head in the Fortnite Creative Mayhem event. Many Fortnite fans will lose out on the opportunity to play with their favourite content makers due to the high level of competition in the game. In addition, there are hundreds of new cosmetics, including Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars, as well as The Rock’s The Foundation, which allows players to at the very least pretend they’re gaming with (or as) celebs.

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