Facebook Update: New Settings tab for Mobile? Here’s how it looks

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Facebook Update: Facebook is making changes to the Settings tab of its mobile application. The new structure will make it easier for individuals to discover the tools they frequently require in a shorter amount of time.

These include things like controlling which advertisements users see, altering sharing options, and cultivating an audience for the content.

The new look has been rolling out to compatible devices since August 4, and if it hasn’t already, it should be available through an update soon.

Here is a list of the changes made to the new settings page,

Facebook Update
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Facebook Update: Easy Category section

As a result, the new narrative has fewer broad categories than it did previously.

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According to Facebook, the move is intended to avoid users from having to think too hard about where to begin.

As a result, Settings will now be divided into six main categories: Account, Preferences, Audience and Visibility, Permissions, Your Information, Community Standards, and Legal Policies, and Community Standards and Legal Policies (where applicable).

Facebook Update: Menu elements have been relocated, and a new Privacy shortcut has been added.

Some elements on the new Options page will also be repositioned so that they can now be accessed alongside other relevant settings on the new page.

Examples include the News Feed option, which was formerly located in its own tiny category but will now be available within the Preferences category.

On the same day, Facebook announced improvements to the Settings Search functionality, making it “easier to find the settings you need if don’t know the exact name or location of setting you’re looking for.”

Facebook also announced that it will be improving the Search functionality of the Settings page, making it “easier to find the settings you need if don’t know exactly what setting you’re looking for.”

Facebook has also introduced a new Privacy Shortcut to the top of the Settings page, making it simpler for users to make changes to critical privacy and security settings.

Facebook has also updated the Privacy Shortcut to make it easier for users to alter important privacy and security settings.

Which devices will be able to access the new Facebook configurations?

The revamp of Facebook Settings will be available for Android devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as well as iOS devices, such as iPhones and the iPad line.

For individuals who do not wish to utilize the Facebook application, the new rollout will also be available through mobile web browsers.

Finally, it will be included in Facebook Lite, which is a lighter version of the Facebook program that is accessible on select mobile devices.

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