Facebook is rolling out live rooms for celebrities and groups globally

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, unveiled a series of new audio-only products earlier this year, and the firm began rolling out Live Rooms in the United States. Live Audio Rooms have now been made available to a broader range of users, including public personalities, creators, and groups all around the world. A Facebook executive, Alexandru Voica (@alexvoica), presented an introduction of the Audio Rooms function in real-time. According to him, Live Audio Rooms will be available to all certified public personalities and artists.

This is a wonderful tool for connecting and converting different kinds of communities, according to Voica. To help people develop stronger relationships with their community, Live Audio Rooms will now be available on Facebook pages and pages on the social network. Facebook is also testing Android and desktop live audio rooms, allowing users to create and listen to live audio rooms from their Android phones and desktop computers.

“It’s our ultimate objective to enable Live Audio Room creation for all public personalities, groups, and artists, as well as our larger partners. We’ve just begun our sonic voyage. Continuing to develop social experiences gives creators and communities additional options to interact, find new perspectives, and exchange ideas”, says Voice in a blog post.

The host has the authority to invite individuals to participate as speakers, but anybody may listen in without a link. There is no restriction to the number of speakers in Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms, but there is one on the number of listeners. However, only the administrators of specific Facebook Groups have authority over whether moderators, group members, or other administrators may create a Live Audio Room. Visitors can listen to the Live Audio Room in groups that are open to the public, but only members have access to it in private groups.

You’ll find it under the Facebook Watch page called “Audio.” So-called soundbites, a type of short-form audio product, will be added to Facebook’s audio offerings in the near future. Soundbites, according to Zuckerberg, would be like an audio counterpart of Facebook’s Reels video format, which debuted a year ago. Users will be able to post individual clips to their News Feeds or listen to a continuous stream of audio snippets that have been put together and are randomly dispersed in a feed.


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