Duolingo Alternatives 2022: List of 7 Amazing Language Learning

Learning a new language is exciting and do motivates you in every sense. It improves your knowledge and opens up new career options for you. It is possible to learn any language in the world using Duolingo, a program that offers free instruction. It’s easy to learn the most important words and phrases in any language with Duolingo’s short sessions. Despite its greatness, there are several excellent Duolingo alternatives. To help you learn a new language, we’ll take a look at some of the best alternatives to Duolingo.

It’s not difficult to pick up a new language. However, it needs commitment and consistency. It’s possible to learn a new language without using Duolingo, but there are a few more options out there. All these apps are free to use, and some of them even provide you with a certificate that you can put on your resume as proof of your accomplishments.

List of the Best Duolingo Alternatives

With Duolingo, learning a new language is a cinch. But if you’re seeking some nice alternatives to Duolingo, we’ve got the greatest images for you.

In addition to verbal practice, these applications offer free language lessons and resources. You won’t have to pay a dime to learn grammar or pronunciation from them. Let’s get started without further ado.

1) Babbel

Babbel is a fantastic voice-activated digital language trainer. You may keep track of your progress at any time with the help of a pre-made content strategy.


Compared to Duolingo, Babbel is a fantastic option that offers interactive lessons and a wide variety of learning methods. All of the language instruction is presented in bite-sized chunks of 10-15 minutes each, so you can fit it in whenever it’s convenient for you.

Download Now: Android iOS

2) Memrise


There are more than 100 languages to pick from on Memrise, a popular free-to-download software. In comparison to Duolingo, it provides you with game-like learning of your desired language in the form of training you as an undercover agent, who is about to visit a universe where you can practise your language of choice. Memrise’s advanced level of language training is a step above Duolingo’s beginning level, including video snippets of locals speaking to you.

Download Now: Android iOS

3) LingoDeer

Learning languages with LingoDeer is a unique experience since it focuses on languages spoken in Asia and Europe. Because it teaches Japanese, Korean, French, Chinese, and German, amongst other languages, it’s an excellent substitute for Duolingo. This is a list of the most widely spoken languages in the world today.


In LingoDeer, you’ll learn more than just a few phrases about travelling. If you’re looking for a way to improve your writing, this app can help. Additionally, LingoDeer conducts daily 10 minute lessons to help you improve your language skills.

Download Now: Android iOS

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4) Drops

Drops app is a new approach to learning foreign languages that are revolutionising the process. It has a brand-new 5-minute learning sprint idea that allows you to take short 5-minute classes.

Drops Duolingo Alternatives

To allow the user to concentrate on learning, we’ve instituted these new 5-minute lectures. People can learn more quickly as a result of this feature. Drops, on the other hand, teaches through an interactive visual method rather than a text-based one.

Download Now: Android iOS

5) Lingvist

When it comes to learning new languages, Lingvist is the perfect tool for those who enjoy incorporating cutting-edge technology into their daily lives. With a scientific approach to language learning, Lingvist is a perfect substitute for Duolingo.

Lingvist Duolingo Alternatives

This is a unique feature of Lingvist, which teaches terminology that you will hear in real-world interactions. As a result, you’ll also discover a variety of new words and phrases.

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6) Rosetta Stone

However, Rosetta Stone may be one of the oldest computer-based online language study sites. Android and iOS users can download the app.

Rosetta Stone Duolingo Alternatives

Rosetta is a great tool for language learning, and its user interface is pleasing to the eye. In contrast to the Duolingo app, which relies mostly on text-based instruction, this software is better suited to teaching foreign languages to young children.

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7) HelloTalk

In contrast to other language-learning applications, HelloTalk has a unique approach. Textbooks and lectures are the primary teaching tools. You can also converse with folks who speak many languages and pick up the language that way.

HelloTalk Duolingo Alternatives

Since you’ll meet new people and study at the same time, it’s a fantastic opportunity. To explore, retain, or better understand a culture, you may engage with individuals.

Download Now: Android iOS

Final Words

Several additional applications do the same functions as the ones we’ve discussed here. In the Play Store, you may assume that there are better apps with more features. The easiest method to learn a new language is to use one of these 7 Duolingo alternatives apps instead. In addition, if you know of a better app, please let us know in the comments area below. Now is the time to begin learning a new language.

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