How to Download Music from YouTube – Working Methods (2022)

In order to fully describe music, it’s difficult to do it in words. When it comes to conveying this, we all know how it makes us feel and what we enjoy when we hear it, but it’s difficult. That which cannot be conveyed into words and that which cannot remain silent is expressed via music, according to the novelist Victor Hugo. Longfellow referred to it as “the universal language of mankind.” Because I know how much you enjoy music, I’ll show you how to download music from YouTube by any third party software or YouTube Music app. But first, I’d like to help you brush up on your musical expertise.

What are the opinions of artists on the subject? It’s not uncommon for many of them to regard music as something deeper than what they just like listening to or playing. Exceptional musicians are deeply enthralled by the music they perform. In addition to expressing how they feel about music through the song itself, they’ve also managed to communicate a few meaningful things about what music is all about.

“Music is the emotional life of most people,” says Leonard Cohen.

It has been suggested by a number of authors that music is nothing more than the systematic arrangement of sounds and silences. Let me give you an example to further illustrate what I mean: Radio noise makes noise, but it’s not music because it’s not structured.

As straightforward as this description seems, defining music isn’t that simple. Is it possible to consider a car alarm to be music? It’s a systematic way of producing noises and quiet, but I’m confident that most people wouldn’t classify it as music.

Music is made up of three elements: melody, harmony, and beat.

Elements of Music Explained


In the world of sound, the melody is the most prominent voice. It’s what you can sing.


The melody is based on harmony, which is an overlapping of notes. When someone is singing and playing the guitar, they are harmonising their voice and the guitar’s chords. As we’ll discover in previous lessons, a chord is nothing more than a symphony of overlapping sounds. As a result, harmony includes chords.


A song’s tempo is defined by its rhythm. The rhythm tells us how to keep up with music in the same way that a clock tells us the time.

In order to be effective, each of these three issues must be addressed in its own way. “Sounds and Silence” is intriguing to our ears because of the unrestricted manipulation of all the resources that music has to offer.

Is downloading music from YouTube Music Legal?

The same rules apply to downloading audio content from YouTube as they do for videos; unless “particularly permitted by the Service,” or you have prior written permission from YouTube or the applicable rights holder, you are not allowed to download any audio content.

Only if you pay $9.99 a month for YouTube Music Premium can you download and play ad-free songs and playlists on the YouTube Music app for Android and iOS. This feature isn’t available on the YouTube Music website or in the free version of the service in order to avoid piracy and copyright infringement.

In spite of the fact that YouTube is home to millions of songs, many of which have been contributed to the site by its users rather than by record labels, it also provides a wide range of content that is free of copyright restrictions and Creative Commons-licensed.

As long as you don’t do anything illegal, you’re free to utilise this music in your own creative endeavours by downloading the audio from these movies. Notably, the YouTube Audio Library’s own no-copyright music policy states: “You can NOT utilise third-party software to download the video/track, always use our downloading URLs.”

Alternatively, if you no longer have access to the original file, learning how to download music from YouTube is a good way to get back to the music you previously published to the site. Of course, if that is the case, then any of the following approaches will do the trick without putting you in danger of breaching any agreements or breaking any laws.

In short, downloading copyrighted materials is against the law, so only use these methods to obtain your own music files. You can’t download music outside of YouTube’s premium service, and if you do, your account might be deleted.

To download copyrighted music, you can use an app called the 4K Video Downloader app to rip music from any YouTube video or you can also use the VLC Media Player to download a video and rip it to an MP3 format.

You may also download songs to your mobile device if you have a YouTube Music Premium membership.

How to Download Music from YouTube?

Here below a step-to-step guide is provided to download Music from YouTube.

1) 4K Video Downloader

  • Download and Install the 4K Video Downloader application setup file, which is an amazing tool to grab your YouTube videos or music and get them into PC in seconds. Using your computer’s web browser, go to and click Get 4K Video Downloader depending upon your Operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux Ubuntu or Android on the box. Most of us are Windows users so do click on Windows to get its suitable setup file downloaded to your PC.
    Windows: To get started, double-click the setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.- Double-click the setup file, check the installation, drag the 4K Video Downloader programme icon onto the “Applications” folder, and then follow any on-screen prompts.

    Download and Install the 4K Video Downloader
    Download and Install the 4K Video Downloader
  • In order to download music from a YouTube video, you first need to go to in your computer’s web browser and search for or go to any music video.
  • Make a note of the video’s URL and copy it from your browser. Press Ctrl + C (Windows) or Command + C (Mac) to copy the video’s URL from the address bar at the top of your browser.

    Copy URL of your Music Video
    Copy URL of your Music Video
  • Install the 4K Video Downloader on your computer. If you’re using a Mac, open Spotlight and search for a 4k video downloader. 4K Video Downloader can be found in the search results. The 4K Video Downloader window should appear.
    This step can be skipped if your copy of the 4K Video Downloader opens automatically.
  • Select the link you want to paste and press the Paste Link button. Located at the upper left corner of the screen.

    Paste Link- 4K Video Downloader
  • Wait for the video to finish parsing before moving on to the next video. It’s time to go on after you see the 4K Video Downloader window displaying the quality selections available.
  • Extracted audio can be found by selecting “Download Video” and then “Extract Audio“.

  • Change the format of the audio file (optional choice). It is possible to pick a different type of audio file from the Format drop-down box at the top right of the window by clicking on it.

    Format.jpg YouTube
    Choose your desired Format
  • To modify the quality and bitrate of the audio file, you can tick the box next to one of the choices and pick a different one.
    If you wish to reduce the size of your video file, then use a lower bit rate. There are usually three options available for MP3 music format:

    Original Quality Original MP3
    Normal Quality 128K MP3
    Low Quality 96K MP3
  • To save the file in a different location, click on Browse and then select a folder. Click Save or Choose to save the new audio file in the selected location on your computer.
  • Select Extract from the drop-down menu. The bottom of the window is where you’ll find it In this step, the video’s soundtrack is extracted from it. It will be saved to the folder you choose after the conversion is complete.
  • It is possible to play a downloaded audio file by double-clicking on it in your preferred audio player.

2) YouTube Premium

Use YouTube Music Premium to stream music. Using the YouTube Music app on an Android, iPhone or iPad, you may download music for offline listening if you are a premium user. You can only listen to the music you’ve downloaded if you’re using the YouTube app.

  • Make sure you download the YouTube Music app to your device before beginning with the steps provided.
  • Open the YouTube Music app on your phone or tablet. You may identify it by the red circle with a play icon (a sideways triangle) in the centre.

    Download and Install YouTube Music app
  • Go to Music that you wish to save to your device. Select the Library option in the bottom-right corner of your app, then choose the playlist you’d want to save to your device. Or search for your favourite song or music that you want to download.
  • Listen to the Music and click on the three-dot option on the top-right corner, and click on download music from the drop-down menu. The music will now be downloaded to your phone or tablet if you clicked on the arrow.
    Three-dot-Settings YouTube
    Go to any Music or Song

    Download-Music YouTube
    Click on Download Music
  • Press the Download button (for a playlist). The playlist’s content may now be listened to when without being connected to the internet.
  • Go to Library and click on Downloads to view your downloaded music files.

    Downloads-Section YouTube
    View your Downloads

3) YouTube in MP3 Online Tool

Even if you don’t want to use a specific app or software, you may still use internet services like YouTube to MP3 online tool, which has a free YouTube converter for YouTube videos. It’s important to note, however, that many internet services that allow you to download videos from YouTube are initially secure but soon get contaminated with spyware. Because of this, it is important that you use your antivirus software to scan any files you download from these sites. When I tested the site in February 2022, my virus scanners found no malware or phishing attempts, making YouTube to MP3 secure to use.

As far as I can tell, YouTube to MP3 works the same as our preferred desktop method. Copy and paste the YouTube URL and sit back and relax while the site does the job for you. Now your audio file has been converted to an MP3 audio file. Installing this tool is not necessary because it simplifies the procedure tremendously.

You should be aware that YouTube to MP3 may begin to inundate you with pop-up adverts once you have downloaded your MP3s to your computer. Don’t be panicked; my antivirus software didn’t detect any suspicious activity on the website. While YouTube to MP3 may still appear to be a harmless and safe site, you should still exercise caution while engaging with these sorts of services. I strongly advise that you conduct a virus check as soon as you’ve finished using this or any other website like it.

Another pop-up ad will show throughout and even after your first conversion procedure. Another free download is advertised in this advertisement, which has the appearance of a licence agreement. Again, there is no reason to be concerned. The advertisement doesn’t appear to be harmful, and you can quickly remove it from your screen by clicking on the black X button to the right of the advertisement. To convert or download your video file, you do not need to accept the conditions of this phoney user agreement ad. Just click the X to remove the ad.

Some tips you should know:

  • It should nearly always be possible to download YouTube music since the 4K Video Downloader makes use of an algorithm to get around the download limits imposed by VEVO and other music service providers.
  • 4K Video Downloader may not be able to download a song on the first attempt, but it will try again within 12 hours.


  • It is against the law to profit from the distribution of downloaded music.
  • Downloading music from YouTube, even for personal use, is a violation of Google’s terms of service and, depending on your location, may be illegal.
  • Use caution when downloading from download websites, as some may contain pop-up advertisements and bogus download links.
  • If you want to download YouTube videos, avoid using unfamiliar software since it might contain viruses. If you don’t want to utilise one of the options given below, you may ask for recommendations from friends or go on websites/applications like Reddit, Discord to see what other people have used in the past.


In such a way with the proper steps provided, you can download music from YouTube easily within seconds. Now, what are you waiting for? Just grab your music and enjoy your day. Also, do provide your feedback in the comments about this post.

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