Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) iOS release expected soon

The iOS version of Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to be released very soon. Krafton has revealed that its popular battle royale game will be coming to the iPhone and iPad soon. It has not, however, specified a debut date, and because there is no information on when the BGMI iOS app will be released, the wait will continue.

Notably, the release of the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version comes more than a month after the game’s original debut, which was limited to Android users exclusively.

BGMI iOS release: Krafton Officials confirms

Krafton, the South Korean company that owns the PUBG and Battlegrounds intellectual property, published a banner with a large question mark on it on its social media accounts. The question mark has been replaced with an Apple in the title, which is a significant indication from the business, which said last month that it was developing on an iPhone version of Battlegrounds Mobile India, among other things.

The business also stated at the time that developing the iOS version was more difficult than developing the Android version. In addition to the difficulties that Krafton alluded to, there is a tighter payment channel on the iPhone, which may have contributed to the company’s delay.

Except for this confirmation and a hint that the Battlegrounds Mobile India Instagram page had previously been deleted, Krafton’s head of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Woyool Lim, told IANS that the company is working on bringing Battlegrounds Mobile India to iOS devices in the shortest amount of time. “We will make updates on our social media handles soon to keep our followers informed,” Lim added.

Krafton’s last teaser included a cleverly hidden Apple emoji in a statement about forthcoming incentives in the game, which was a nice touch. Every player would be eligible for these future awards, regardless of whatever operating system they were using, according to the statement, which plainly implied that both Android and iOS players would be eligible for the rewards.

Rewards Info through Instagram

Rewards stated in the Instagram post by Battlegrounds Mobile India include three Supply Coupon Crate Scrap items, three Classic Coupon Crate Scrap items, and a Permanent Galaxy Messenger Set, among other things. However, to obtain each of them, gamers will need to achieve three specific milestones.

The first prize is given out when players achieve 48 million downloads, the second one is given out when they reach 49 million, and the last reward is given out when players reach 50 million downloads.

There will be an event center in-game where you will be able to collect all of these rewards. Battlegrounds Mobile India has received 46 million downloads from the Google Play Store as of this writing.

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