10 Best Websites to Read Comics Online Free in 2022

Want to know the best websites to read comics online? For free? Everyone gets a little delirious at times while reading comic books. I can readily remember the days when I would spend my free time reading comic books. Until 2005, comic books were a tremendous source of pleasure, but following the emergence of smartphones, things began to change.

As a result, comics are becoming less and less relevant to the general public. We still have a warm spot for it since it brings back memories of our childhood. People still like reading comics, but the lack of availability has become a serious problem.

People will continue to read comics if given better alternatives. You’ll find some of the greatest places to get free comics online in this post. So, without further ado, here are some of the finest places to access free comics online.

Top 10 Sites for Online Comics Reading

Notably, there is a slew of websites that let you read comics online, but most of them are premium ones, and the comics they provide are pricey.

1) GetComics (link)

Getcomics.jpg Best Websites to Read Comics

If you want to download comics from well-known companies like DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Dynamite, Valiant, and Zenescope, GetComics can be a good option for you. The user interface is simple and presents the most popular comic subcategories on the site’s homepage.

2) ComiXology (link)

comixology.com.jpg Best Websites to Read Comics

Digital comics are distributed using ComiXology, a cloud-based platform. More than 75,000 comics are available on the site, including more than 700 free comics. The site features comics from numerous well-known companies, including Marvel, DC, Image, and Boom.

3) DriveThru Comics (link)

drivethrucomics.com_.jpg Best Websites to Read Comics

Even if Marvel and DC comics aren’t available on DriveThru Comics, you’ll still find a broad variety of other comics that you’ll like. It is possible to read comic books from renowned companies like Valiant Comics, Top Cow, and Aspen Comics on DriveThru. However, not all comics were available for free download and reading.

4) Marvel’s Unlimited (link)

Marvels Unlimited

If you’re interested in reading comics online, Marvel Unlimited is a great place to start. But there is a cost to use this service. Over 25,000 comics may only be accessed by paying a monthly or yearly subscription. The site also offers a few free comics, but they weren’t as popular as the paid ones.

5) DC Comics (link)


For DC fans like myself, this site is a must-visit. To read DC comic books, graphic novels, and periodicals, you may download an app for Android and iOS devices. In terms of the website, users are required to register before they may access any comic books.

6) DCKids (link)


It’s no secret that DC Kids is one of the greatest places to read free comics online. There are many fans of DC cartoons, despite their lack of popularity compared to Marvel’s. DC Kids, like Marvel Unlimited, is a subscription service, however many of the books were free to download and read.

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7) Amazon Best Sellers (link)

Amazon Best Sellers

As far as where to get free comics online, Amazon’s Best Sellers is another good option. You can find free comics online by checking out the top free section. To narrow their search, comic book fans may use several criteria, such as genre, author, and more.

8) Comic Book Plus (link)

Comic Book Plus

When looking for a site where you may read free comics, Comic Book Plus maybe your best option. To make things even better, the site has a tonne of different areas where you can read other kinds of comics like pulp fiction and non-English publications like periodicals and pamphlets.

9) View Comics (link)


When it comes to reading comics online, one of the greatest resources is View Comic. View Comic is an excellent resource because it doesn’t require users to register or create an account to read comics. In terms of user experience, it’s one of the greatest places to read comics online.

10) Digital Comic Museum (link)

Digital Comic Museum

When looking for ways to read comics from the Golden Age, the Digital Comic Museum is a good place to begin your quest. On this site, you’ll only find comic books published between the ages of 60 and 70. You won’t find any recent comic books on the site, which is a minus.


By the time you’ve finished reading this piece, you’ll know about all of the top comics blogs available on the web. I’m glad you found this information useful! Let your friends know about it too. Do comment below about your favourite comic.

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