6 Best Textsheet Alternatives For Students 2022

Online educational portal TextSheet utilises a Chegg API to deliver solutions for students to Chegg questions. When it comes to online resources for college and high school students, this one is a must. There’s no doubt about that. As a result of its widespread use, Textsheet may be found in the dorms of every college student. Assuming you’re reading this essay, you’re already an avid user of the textsheet, which I hope you are.

Alternatives to Textbooks for College Students Textsheet.com is an introduction for people who have never heard of it. why is it so popular? And why are Textsheet Alternatives so popular right now?

What is Textsheet?

Any student may use Textsheet to obtain help with their current homework and assignments for free. Textsheet’s features may be found on a slew of subscription websites, but they’re all prohibitively expensive. Many students enjoy using textsheet since it is fully free and feature-rich, and they use them regularly for their educational requirements.

Many students used Textsheet to aid them with their papers and homework, and it quickly grew to be quite popular among them. Textsheet is utilised by millions of individuals. Why would we want to remove the site from the Internet? Your concern is well-founded, and I’ll address it now.

Textsheet rips off answers from other sites like Chegg to answer most of the student’s inquiries. To gather all of the information needed to answer the student’s inquiry, the site makes use of a Chegg API. Textsheet.com users, on the other hand, don’t know how or where they’re obtaining responses to their questions.

What Happened to Textsheet.com?

Textsheet’s website was taken down a few months ago when the Chegg site complained about copyright violation.

Textsheet had no choice but to take down the entire site after this, and they did the same. So, pupils will need to locate a new site like Textsheet.com to aid them with their assignments. Most of the alternatives to Textsheet are subscription-based services that most students can’t afford.

But don’t be alarmed; we’re here to assist. Our list of the best Textsheet alternatives will help you find answers to all your problems without spending a dime. The answer is yes, there are several websites. Please allow us to proceed directly to the list of websites that are similar to Textsheet.

Top 6 Best Textsheet Alternatives

1) School Solver

With School Solver, students can quickly and easily get answers to their concerns and online freelancers/tutors may quickly earn money. Founded in 2014, there are many individuals that use the site in addition to original queries, which makes it one of the greatest textsheet alternatives.

To make matters worse for children who ask the same question over and over, the school solution sends them to an answer that has already been provided. As a result, a single solution can earn you $500.

Link to the website

2) Course Hero

A course hero is a web-based resource that provides access to a wide range of educational materials. Using the search box, you can quickly find the answers to all of your inquiries. Many other choices are available as well, like filtering questions by school name, subject, and more.

There are more than 25 million courses available to students on Course Hero, according to its website. What is the nicest feature about a course hero? It’s completely free. Course hero replies can be simply deciphered. So what are you holding out for? Visit the course hero to find answers to all of your concerns.

Link to the website

3) Study Lib

Best Textsheet Alternatives - Studylib

Study Lib – As the name implies, the study lib is a place where you may go to get resources for all of your schoolwork. The finest feature of the study lib is that it covers a wide range of disciplines. No matter what your interests are, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of courses. Clearly and concisely, they deliver just what you need.

They give several parts from where you may investigate the many questions about the subject of your choice if you don’t have any specific query and want to learn more about it. It is possible to contribute to the site if you are an expert in a specific field.

Study Lib is a place where students may get help with their homework, assignments, and research papers. Study Lib has you covered no matter what grade level you’re working on. So, do have a look at these.

Link to the website

4) Quizlet

Best Textsheet Alternatives - Quizlet

Quizlet (earlier known as Slader) is the greatest alternative to Textsheet that we’ve found so far. Textsheet’s UI and capabilities are quite comparable to those of this app, thus I think it’s the best choice. Answers and explanations to all your inquiries, just as on Textsheet, are now at your fingertips.

The free and paid versions of their website are both available. The only difference between the paid and free versions is that the free version contains advertising on every page (which aren’t too bothersome), while the premium version does not. Give Quizlet a try if you’re seeking a Textsheet alternative with a similar experience; you won’t be disappointed.

Link to the website

5) Chegg

Best Textsheet Alternatives - Chegg

Chegg offers a wide variety of products for a fraction of the price we would pay in a bookshop. They provide everything from book rental to online courses to course reviews to round-the-clock customer service. I forgot to include one of the website’s most important features, the Math Solver. Almost every difficulty may be broken down into simple, logical steps thanks to this resource. Because of this, if you encounter any issues while doing your assignment, Chegg is here to help. Chegg Answers are available free of charge.

Link to the website

6) Crazy for Study

Crazy for Study

Aren’t you excited about the name of this site? For high school and college students, Crazy for Study offers a wealth of information in the form of answers to frequently asked questions. There are more than 50 million resources available to students, according to them, from which they may find the answer they need, along with an explanation.

An insanely large figure is fifty million. There’s no doubt about that. In the event that you have finished your assignments and would like to learn more about the subject? When you sign up for their free online classes, you won’t have to look elsewhere for instruction on the topics you’re interested in. If you want to learn more about a subject for nothing, go no further than Crazy for Study.

Link to the website


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