10 Best Shows to Watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar (2022)

There are series that keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense. There are shows that you watch because they are familiar. And, given how much of our spare time has been spent at home as a result of the ongoing pandemic, you’ve probably been desiring the latter. Binge-watch a comedy show that will make you laugh with its absurd puns and snappy writing, allowing you to forget about what’s going on in the world, if only for a few minutes. Here are some Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar shows or the best shows to watch and add to your queue if you’re searching for a feel-good marathon to watch: (The list is in descending order)

Top 10 Best Shows to Watch

10. New Girl (2011)-

New Girl (2011)

This comedy stars Jess, a new roommate in an apartment with three men after she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her. New Girl will make you want to return to Apartment 4D whenever you’re in the mood for a chuckle. All thanks to its hilarious ensemble, conflicting personalities and blossoming romances.

STREAMING ON: Disney+ Hotstar

9. The Mindy Project (2012)-

The Mindy Project (2012)

The series follows obstetrician/gynaecologist Mindy Lahiri as she tries to juggle her personal and professional lives in a tiny medical practice in New York City, surrounded by eccentric co-workers. Mindy discovers life through them. One of her co-workers is Danny Castellano, her best friend and love interest, whose religious beliefs occasionally cause conflict. The rest of them; Jeremy Reed, Peter Prentice, Morgan Tookers, Tamra Webb and Beverley produce drama and make this show entertaining to watch.


8. How I Met Your Mother (2005)-


The American sitcom How I Met Your Mother (commonly shortened as HIMYM) ran from 2005 until 2014. It is set in Manhattan and follows the main character Ted Mosby, an architect and his group of pals. Ted explains to his son and daughter, in the year 2030, about the events that led him to meet their mother. You could pick up any episode at random and be assured of a good time. This is because of the abundance of little sketches within the big story arcs.

STREAMING ON: Disney+ Hotstar

7. The Big Bang Theory (2007)-

The Big Bang Theory (2007) best shows to watch

The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom about Leonard and Sheldon, two bright physicists who have “beautiful minds” and understand how the universe works. But none of their brilliance aids them in interacting with others, particularly women. When a free-spirited beauty named Penny comes in next door, everything changes. Sheldon, Leonard’s roommate, enjoys spending his nights with their socially dysfunctional pals, fellow Cal Tech scientists, playing Klingon Boggle. Leonard, on the other hand, sees in Penny a whole new world of possibilities, including love. On the whole, this show will keep you interested at all times.

STREAMING ON: Netflix and Amazon Prime

6. MOM (2013)-

MOM (2013) Netflix

Christy’s passive-aggressive, recovering-alcoholic mother re-enters the picture, bursting with comments about Christy’s life. Meanwhile, she has her hands full with two children, Violet and Roscoe and is sustaining her newfound sobriety. While the daughter strives to be the best mother she can be and learn from her mistakes, she must also negotiate unstable romantic relationships. And also deal with her reckless ex-husband, Baxter. Despite the obstacles, Christy attempts to stay positive and keep on track to achieve her objectives.

STREAMING ON: Amazon Prime

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013)-

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) Netflix

It is a light-hearted comedy that follows the misadventures of the boyish and immature Jake Peralta and other detectives in the 99th police precinct in New York, under the austere management of Captain Raymond Holt. You’ll quickly fall for the show’s wonderfully scripted episodes, notably the annual Halloween Heists, which are a must-see.


4. Modern Family (2009)-

Modern Family (2009) Best Shows to watch

Modern Family hands-on is fourth on our list as one of the best shows to watch. It is set in Los Angeles and follows three different types of families (nuclear, mixed and same-sex). They try to deal with their children, eccentric spouses, and occupations in their own individual ways, frequently getting themselves into amusing situations. These three families are each one-of-a-kind, and together they provide an honest and often amusing glimpse at the modern family’s sometimes warm, sometimes twisted embrace.

STREAMING ON: Disney+ Hotstar

3. The Office (2005)- 

The Office (2005) Netflix
The Office (2005) Netflix

A mediocre paper company is in the hands of Scranton, PA branch manager Michael Scott. This mockumentary follows the manager and the staff he “manages” on a daily basis. The crew follows the employees about 24 hours a day, capturing their often amusing and odd interactions as they do whatever it takes to keep the company afloat.

STREAMING ON: Netflix and Amazon Prime

2. Schitt’s Creek (2015)-

Schitt’s Creek (2015) Best Shows to watch

Schitt’s Creek is the story of the once-wealthy Rose family struggling to adapt to life as an owner of a motel that they bought for their son in a small town in Canada in the early 1990s. After a rocky start, as the season progresses, the Rose family feels acclimatized to their new normal and makes their lives look more comfortable. All in all it is a wholesome show and one won’t get bored of watching it.


1. FRIENDS (1994)-

FRIENDS (1994) Netflix

The show revolves around 6 twenty-somethings living in New York City. This is a show about love, career and the time you can do anything in your life. It’s about the quest for attachment and security and the fear of it. When you are young and single in town, it’s all about friendship because your friends are your family. Friends is all in all is a stress buster and a light-hearted show which will leave you smiling.



  1. Parks and Recreation
  2. 2 Broke Girls
  3. Superstore
  4. The Good Place
  5. That ‘70s Show

So, these were the best shows to watch (best recommended) on Netflix or any other respective streaming platforms.

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