12 Best Phantom Skins in Valorant (2022)

The model-like automatic rifle of the Phantom makes it one of the most often utilised weapons in Valorant. Despite the fact that it deals less damage than Vandal, it is a popular choice for armed ammunition. We’ve compiled a list of the best Phantom skins in Valorant in this article.

There are many reasons why phantom is better than Vandal in terms of firing rate. But yes, sometimes you may be frustrated when you just get killed by an opponent for 150HP damage with Vandal and you using Phantom for 140HP damage. This is interesting which differs between both weapons.

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High-end automatic rifles like the Phantom are expensive. Due to its fast rate of fire, this weapon is most useful at short to medium ranges, where it may take down a large number of foes at once. To get around vision blockers without risking the player’s ammo or position, it is also equipped with a silencer.

At short ranges, the Phantom can take down an opponent with a single headshot, but at medium and long ranges, this is no longer true. As said earlier, If a player manages to score a headshot but fails to follow through with a second deadly shot, the Vandal may be their best option.

Features of Phantom over Vandal:

  • Traces that are hidden from the enemy’s view.
  • Only in the direction of fire can you hear the sound of a gun firing.

Stats of Phantom weapon

Primary Fire Alternate Fire
Fire Rate
11 rounds/sec, 660 RPM
Run Speed
5.4 m/sec
Equip Speed
1 sec
1st Shot Spread
0.2 deg
Reload Speed
2.5 sec
90 (3 magazines)
Aim down sights
Fire Rate
90% (9.9 rounds/sec), 594 RPM
Move Speed
76% (4.104 m/sec)
1st Shot Spread
0.11 deg


0 – 15m 15 – 30m 30 – 50m
Head – 156 Head – 140 Head – 124
Body – 39 Body – 35 Body – 31
Leg – 33 Leg – 29 Leg – 26


List of 12 Best Phantom Skins in Valorant

1) Singularity Phantom


Singularity Phantom derives from the Singularity bundle. In this skin set, each weapon had a high-tech, abstract colour scheme with a purple glow. A little black hole develops at the tip of each gun’s barrel whenever it fires. Reloading causes the weapon to split open for a short time. When a gun is inspected, reloaded, or fired, distinctive sound effects play.

This skin line’s finisher is a major selling point for many users. It seems as though the body of the opponent player has been pulled into a black hole, which appears in the middle of the animation. Great way to close around, and an excellent complement to an already impressive collection of shots.

Cost: 2,175VP

2) Spectrum Phantom


Spectrum Phantom derives from the Spectrum bundle. VALORANT’s Spectrum skin collection is a collaboration between Riot Games and the world-renowned DJ Zedd, which combines a streamlined look with brilliant colours. Spectrum’s price should be more bearable even though the cosmetics have a high price tag thanks to several Easter eggs.

Agents are able to inspect their weapon(s) while tapping their fingers and hear to the music. In addition, the success and loss panels will include a more electronic-sounding variation on the standard melodies. This is why spectrum phantom ranks second on our list of best phantom skins in valorant.

Cost: 2,675VP

3) Glitchpop Phantom

Glitchpop Phantom

Glitchpop Phantom derives from the Glitchpop bundle. The combination of pink, blue, and black works very well in the game’s overall aesthetic, especially in light of Valorant’s reference to its “modern and futuristic” design. The Glitchpop Phantom is without a doubt one of the most beautiful characters in the entire game.

Cost: 2,175VP

4) BlastX Phantom


BlastX Phantom derives from the BlastX bundle. Rather than firing bullets, the weapons use suction darts, and the darts will attach to walls when they are shot. The skins’ finisher animations provide the illusion of wrapping presents for the adversaries, which is appropriate for the Christmas season but also enjoyable at any time of year.

Fans of Buzz Lightyear were quick to compare the new skins to their favourite character’s colour palette. Fans might still hope that Buzz will appear in VALORANT, despite the fact that it is quite unlikely.

Cost: 2,175VP

5) Ion Phantom

Ion Phantom

Ion Phantom derives from the Ion bundle. Ion Bundle is based on the quote”humanity’s final hope is in your hands.” Riot describes the new line as “crafted upon the verge of darkness.” The futuristic silvers and blues that make these skins so recognisable give them a distinct alien invasion sense.

When it comes to skins, Ion skins are the “opposite extreme” of Reaver skins, says art director Sean Marino. Syd Mead and Daniel Simon are among the artists who influenced Ion’s “clean lines, smooth edges, and neo-futurism.” This is why Ion phantom ranks #5 on our list of best phantom skins in valorant.

Cost: 1,775VP

6) Oni Phantom


Oni Phantom derives from the Oni bundle. It includes a skin for the melee weapon, as well as skins for Phantom, Shorty, Bucky, and Guardian. Featuring a scary visage with blades that simulate teeth and a crimson design with silver barrels, the melee has a terrifying appearance.

Radiant points may be used to unlock the Phantom skin’s many styles and effects. With the addition of green mist reload and fire animations, as well as samurai sword ending effects, the basic skin has an oriental flair. With the use of Radiant points, the model may be given a new look.

Cost: 1,775VP

7) Prime 2.0 Phantom

Prime 2.0 Phantom

Prime 2.0 Phantom derives from the Prime 2.0 bundle. Featuring all-new models and enhanced features, including exhaust vents for more realistic shooting, Prime 2.0 is the 2021 progression of the original Prime set that gamers like. Design and weapon options have been meticulously re-imagined, with a karambit-style melee joining the Phantom in the set’s arsenal. The Prime Skin Bundle became one of the most popular cosmetic items in the game when the game transitioned from Beta.

The Phantom has been heavily modified with a silver magazine, black stock, and gold accents, as well as a distinct firing sound and specific animations, to give this skin its unique look.

Cost: 1,775VP

8) Protocol 781-A Phantom


Protocol 781-A Phantom derives from the Protocol 781-A bundle. VALORANT has a wide variety of skins that can brighten up your gaming experience with a dash of colour. Instead, the new Protocol 781-A skins are intended to be supplied by the government and have no personal touches.

This time around, Khanolkar and his team set out to create a sci-fi skin that was both visually appealing and distinct from any other skins they had previously created. Instead of being clean and futuristic like Ion, Singularity is neither otherworldly nor fun and colourful like Glitchpop. ” The goal was to create a dismal world that didn’t evoke images of grime or filth.

Only to guarantee that the tasks are accomplished at “maximum capacity” is the purpose of each weapon’s built-in AI. This is a stark contrast to Glitchpop’s vibrant and colourful skins, as noted by associate creative director Sean Marino.

Cost: 2,475VP

9) Recon Phantom

Recon-Best Phantom Skins

Recon Phantom derives from the Recon bundle. With a beige and black colour scheme and a slew of side and bottom attachments, these skins are dressed to the nines. Randomized model modifications should satisfy gamers who have experimented with PUBG, Rainbow Six, and other military first-person shooters, but they won’t affect VALORANT’s gameplay.

Despite the fact that the inclusion of attachments in the game’s design was ultimately scrapped, a small number of the development team has long admired the aesthetics of military weaponry equipped with a variety of add-ons. That illusion of being in a current shooter, with a gun that seems like something you may see in modern warfare, is what Recon is all about for Riot.

Cost: 1,775VP

10) Ruination Phantom

Ruination Best Phantom Skins

Ruination Phantom derives from the Ruination bundle. The bundle, which is based on the Ruination, a mystical calamity enveloping League’s Ruined King, has a similar appearance and feel to champions like Thresh and Viego. This skin is purely inspired by League of Legends.

Bundle variants are available in a variety of teal hues and feature spectral motions. It has a gloomy appearance, but there are a variety of hues to choose from, including purple, orange, and paler green.

Cost: 2,175VP

11) Tigris Phantom

Tigris-Best Phantom Skins

Tigris Phantom derives from the Tigris bundle. The Tigris skin collection is one of the recent addition to the huge selection of weapon cosmetics in the game. Skins for Shorty, Spectre, Phantom, Operator and Melee are included in the package.

Cost: 1,275VP

12) Spline Phantom

Spline-Phantom Best Phantom Skins

The Spline skins use a combination of dark black metallic curves and dazzling ice-blue lighting. An extraterrestrial life force appears to have fashioned the weaponry in the collection’s ethereal style.

With Radianite, VALORANT gamers may also change the colour of the Spline skins. In addition, there won’t be any new finishers, VFX enhancements, or animation upgrades.

Cost: 1,775VP


So that’s it for the post. This was the amazing list of best phantom skins in VALORANT. Which one is your favourite? Or you can also suggest any better phantom skin which you feel in the comments.



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