10 Best Launchers in Android (2022)

Because the home screen, widgets, shortcuts, and background themes on some of our friends’ phones are so enticing, we tend to put our own phone back in its pocket. However, thereafter, we begin to want something like for ourselves, giving birth to an overwhelming desire or attraction. Best launchers in android are waiting to be installed on your device right now, so you can start customizing your phone right now.

Android Launchers: What Is It?

In the same way, you can download any other programme from Google Play, a launcher may be installed. The apps may be arranged, grouped, or rearranged in a variety of ways using this. You may use a third-party launcher instead of the default if you want to modify the app icons or the aesthetic of the screen in general.

List of 10 Best Launchers in Android for 2022

If you’d want to start customising your Android phone’s features right now using quick launchers for Android phones, you can do so right here, right now!

Listed below are the fastest and most effective applications for launching Android apps:

1) Poco Launcher

POCO-Launcher Best Launchers in AndroidThe Poco Launcher is a sleek and simple smartphone that lets you customise every aspect of your experience with it. You can change the background, themes, and icon colour with ease, and now you can conceal these icons from prying eyes, as well. The phone manages all of its own apps by allowing users to create their own groups.


  • Poco Launcher comes has a unique Dark Mode, which is helpful for people preferring to use mobile at night. Also, you must know, Dark mode doesn’t impact the battery life of a smartphone
  • It is completely compatible with Android Q-powered devices.
  • Known as one of the quickest Android launchers due to its lightning-fast response time and buttery smooth operation.

2) The Holo Launcher

Holo-Launcher Best Launchers in Android

When looking at the colours, full-material design, scrollable dock pages, and clever motions like swiping up and down for rapid app launching, you’d want to call it one of the most innovative and top Android launchers on the market today. You may simply change the characteristics of any symbol by long-pressing it.


  • There aren’t any intrusive commercials that get in the way of the experience.
  • You may use these new app icons to change the look and feel of your current ones.
  • Homescreen motions, widget overlap, as well as a variety of transition effects are all included in Holo Plus.

3) BlackBerry Launcher

BlackBerry-Launcher Best Launchers in Android

When it comes to managing your phone’s home screen on Android, Blackberry is an excellent choice. Shortcuts for features like contacts, notes or calendars may be created for your phone apps, widgets, etc., and they can appear entirely different from one end to the other.


  • To protect your privacy, you may choose to keep some apps hidden from the All Apps area and the Home screen.
  • With Wi-Fi, data consumption, etc., it automatically saves your battery and data usage.
  • To make contacting a friend or sending an email as simple as one click, enable the Multi-steps action option.

4) Pixel Launcher

Pixel-Launcher Best Launchers in Android

Google’s finest launcher app has a streamlined, clean, and simple design. Aside from that, you have complete control over how shortcuts are organised and may choose between dark and bright settings. One app at a time can be dragged or displayed permanently, and the reverse is also true. You can install it on any Android device, even if you don’t have a Pixel phone.


  • The tailored Google feed may be viewed by just swiping right from the screen.
  • Shortcuts, notifications, app suggestions, and rapid Google search are all supported by this app.

5) Action Launcher: Pixel Edition


Bring another Android top launcher software to your smartphone and customise it with colours and features like smart scaling of app icons, altering their shapes, stylizing folder styles, etc. Widgets may be added in such a way that merely a peek at the functions.


  • Customize your Google search bar using Quickbar or Quickedit, or change the colours of your home screen with Quicktheme.
  • The app drawer automatically selects a dominating colour from the background.

6) Microsoft Launcher


Personalized feeds let you access your documents, files, calendars, and more if you have a Microsoft account. Using this Android launcher, you may view your files from a Windows PC and establish connections across all of your devices. This isn’t all; you can also pin up key contacts on the home screen and arrange them where you like.


  • This time around, Cortana serves as your personal assistant while you read messages, access your calendar, and more.
  • You can simply configure gestures like Swipe up for app drawer, double-tap for speedy phone unlocking, and so on, using Microsoft Launcher.
  • Android phones and PCs have such good compatibility that you can take a photo with your phone and see it right away on your PC.

7) Nova Launcher


What makes Nova the finest Android launcher app is its ability to personalise your home screen’s icons in a sophisticated way, using a variety of different approaches. At one end, the night mode and dark theme meet all of the user’s current needs, but at the other, you may place the icons and widgets in a grid cell exactly where you want them.


  • It has animations that are both fluid and fast, so even an old phone may benefit from them.
  • Backing up and restoring data is already built-in. keep data in the cloud or on your computer so that it may be transferred at any time.

8) Lawnchair Launcher


This launcher is one of the finest for Android because of its customizable dock, notification dots, icon sizes, and support for icon packs. It’s worth it again because of the features’ adaptability and the fact that it takes up very little storage space on the phone.


  • One of the quickest Android launchers, it’s easy to use and stable.
  • Support for the subgrid placement feature enables shortcuts and widgets to be positioned halfway between a phone and the desktop.
  • The symbols and information may be enabled, disabled, shown or hidden as desired!

9) Go Launcher


With 3D parallax themes and HD wallpapers on your phone, everybody who sees it will wonder how you managed it. In addition to a plethora of settings, Go Launcher offers animations and effects on screen, an increase in phone performance, and some of the best widgets you’ll find on the market. We don’t only call it an outstanding Android app launcher.


  • More than 100,000 free high-definition wallpapers to choose from.
  • More than 20 transition effects for the screen and app drawer.
  • Every week, new and clever features are added to the system via regular upgrades.

10) Evie Launcher


Evie Launcher is the final app on our list of the top Android launcher applications. People throughout the world like it because of its ability to show off a minimalistic design and an organised set-up. You’ll see a search bar on the left side that streamlines your search process. Search engines like Google, DukcDuckGo, Bing, and so on are at your disposal.


  • The customizability of the app drawer and the ability to install more languages are also welcome additions.
  • Apps that are often accessed remain at the top of the search results.
  • Pressing long on search results will allow you to create your own custom shortcuts.


Go to Settings > System & Device > Homescreen > Recents in order to change the default launcher. The default launcher option may be found by searching for it and clicking on it. Then you can choose your own launcher from this menu.

Select the best launchers in Android that meets your needs by reviewing the features of each one now that you have a long selection to choose from. There is no doubt that the three Android app launchers — Nova Launcher, Pixel Launcher, and Go Launcher — are each unique in their own way.

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