Best Duelist in Valorant: List of 5 Duelist Agents

Want to know about the Best Valorant Duelist? Valorant, a first-person shooter developed by Riot Games, is an enhancement of the existing experience. The mix of super-powered heroes and team-based combat creates a dynamic balancing act that pushes players to adjust their strategy to match the needs of their respective teams of opponents.

In Valorant, there are now 18 different playable agents, each of which fits into one of four main roles: initiator, controller, sentinel, and duelist. Each of these roles has its own set of skills and abilities.

Duelists are the most often seen role in the game. They’re the most self-sufficient and combat-oriented of the professions available. They will be required to take the initiative in attacks and play aggressively in order to rack up a high number of kills on the ground.

In this post, we’ll go through each of the 5 best Duelist(s) in Valorant, starting with the best and working our way up. We’ll go over some tips about each agent and do let you know about the Dos and Donts of playing a Duelist in Valorant.

List of Best Duelist in Valorant

1) Reyna

Reyna is a Duelist who is a little different from the rest and is one of my favourite agents in Valorant. Her abilities would make her the best agent in the game if Valorant were a solo PvE (player vs environment game) title rather than a team-based game. In terms of survivability, her capacity to drain the life from her adversaries while simultaneously healing herself is unmatched. Unfortunately, she is not a particularly good team player. But with Reyna, one can be confident enough to achieve Ace or a clutch in around.


Tips about agent Reyna

  • Before pushing or attacking, use your blind ability around corners.
  • Play with a lot of aggression.
  • Heal may be used to recover from 1v1 battles.
  • Whenever you’re facing two opponents, kill one of them and use Dismiss ability to escape.

2) Neon

Neon is the newest agent of Valorant Protocol as of January 2022. Neon’s electric dazzling speed means that she can’t promise her allies that she won’t get herself into trouble during a fight. The fact that she can’t always keep her electric capabilities under control shows how much she values their use in gunfights, even if she believes in them and knows how useful they can be.


Tips about agent Neon

  • Equip a Shotgun and use Fast Lane ability to get into the site quickly.
  • Always use increased trigger an electric slide or also known as High gear ability to run faster whenever possible.
  • Her ultimate should be used precisely on the head.

3) Jett

Who is the most beloved Duelist by players or streamers in the game VALORANT? Yes, Jett, it is! The most valuable player in the game on all levels, she is also one of the most well-liked characters in the game. As a result of her Updraft ability, which allows her to reach perches that other agents are unable to reach, and her Dash ability, which allows her to escape when she is pinned down.


Tips about agent Jett

  • Whenever feasible, make use of an Operator.
  • Updraft can be used to hold angles that opposing players would not expect.
  • Smoke may be used to push, and Dash can be used to escape.
  • Make use of your knives for economy rounds, in times when you can’t purchase firearms.

4) Phoenix

Pheonix’s ability to flash around corners is one of a kind, but it would be even better if it could do so for a little longer each time. While his Run-It-Back ultimate ability is unquestionably one of the greatest in the game, it’s difficult to endorse him since Jett and Raze accomplish the same thing, only better, more efficiently.


Tips about agent Phoenix

  • You can molly at the entrance of any site before the enemy enters.
  • Flash in the opposite direction of the direction you’re turning to accelerate around corners.
  • Create flash spots by placing them on the wall.
  • Ultimate should be used in attacking mode like retake or pushing a certain point, not while defending.

5) Raze

Raze possesses several explosive powers that are effective for large-scale assaults and site clearance. She performs best in confined places. Many players believe she is the finest Duelist in the game when it comes to more contained maps like Split and Bind, although this is not always true. Breeze, Fracture and Ice Box, on the other hand, are her worst adversaries.


Tips about agent Raze

  • Double Satchel jumps are used to take advantage of enormous areas of open space and to accomplish significant vertical leaps.
  • In tight spaces and around corners, use grenades and the Boombot to your advantage.
  • Satchels inflict more damage against Sage walls.
  • When your opponents form a group, use Ultimate to eliminate them.

Do’s and Don’ts as a Duelist

Do’s as a Duelist

  1. Do take note of this that you are a duelist. Because Duelists’ talents encourage fast battle and survival, they are excellent for spearheading the push into new territory. Make sure to look around corners to avoid leading your squad into dangerous places where there are a lot of foes.
  2. Do make sure there are no obstructions. Duelists are excellent fraggers, averaging more kills per game than players of other classes. You should utilise your solo talents to clear locations and give your team room to function because they are self-sufficient and not particularly team-oriented.
  3. Do position yourself in the middle while in defence.Due to the nature of their profession, Dualists aren’t very good at fending off coordinated attacks (at least, not alone). Instead, they’re excellent prospects for defending the centre of the field when on the offensive. You should position yourself in such a way that you can quickly get to either place if one of them is under assault.

Don’ts as a Duelist

  1. Don’t be afraid to speak up. As previously stated, it is the Duelist’s responsibility to seize the initiative, push the adversary, and score kills. Extreme caution will ultimately result in the deaths of your colleagues.
  2. Don’t occupy locations or hold by yourself.Duelists are ill-equipped to stop adversary advances or to hold several ports of entry against many opponents. Leave that duty to other classes who are capable of holding a place by themselves and buying time until reinforcements are sent in.
  3. Don’t bait your teammates. Even if it shouldn’t be necessary to say it, don’t make your teammates take a point to obtain information about your opponents’ whereabouts. Unfortunately, this is frequent and causes far more harm than good in the long run.


That’s it for this post. I hope it might have helped you get to know about the best duelist in valorant or the best valorant duelists. Do drop your suggestion regarding more topics of Valorant Guide.

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