5 Best Anime love stories for beginners

Anime series and movies were originally created in Japan. Animated movies and series got popular during the 2000s in India. Anime is trending so much these days and almost every teenager has watched it. Your weeb ( a term for anime fans) friends might have forced you to watch it at some point. if they haven’t then you’re lucky I might say. Anyways, here are the top 5 best anime love stories that will definitely get you to love anime if you love the romance genre. Moreover, most of them are a school, college, and teenage romance’ you’ll enjoy it.

Best Anime love stories

1. Your name

The Japanese name “Kimi no Nawa” is the story of a village girl who switches place with a boy living in Tokyo city. At first, they both think they’re having absurd dreams, but as the movie goes on they realize; they both are switching places with each other. Then something happens in the village where Mitsuha lives, resulting in breaking the connection between them both. Watch the movie to find out what happens to her and if Taki succeeds in finding out the truth about Mitsuha. 

Your Name Anime love stories

2. The Silent Voice

This anime movie starring characters named Ishida and Nishimiya; the Japanese name of the movie, Koe no Katachi. Nishimiya was bullied during her school period by the whole class due to her inability to hear. Ishida being the most mischievous boy bullies her the most. This results in Nishimiya leaving the school. Later, Ishida realizes how he was wrong and tries to apologize and compensate for all her sufferings with friendship and happiness. The ending has such a mixture of emotions; it’ll leave you wondering whether to smile or cry.

The Silent Voice Anime love stories

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3. I want to eat your pancreas

The story starts with a boy finding a lost diary of her classmate; in her diary, he finds out that the girl is diagnosed with some incurable disease in her pancreas. Then they both have lots of fun wondering places and how the girl shows him the meaning of life. They both fall in love, but how long will the girl survive, with her incurable disease?? Amazing story, especially for introverts and guys with social anxiety.

I want to eat your pancreas

4. Weathering with you:

Japanese name; Tenki no ko. The story begins with A runaway boy from his parents trying to adjust to living in Tokyo, where he finds a girl who is considered to be a weather maiden. The job of the weather maiden is to pray and change the weather by just praying. Both, girl and the boy along with her little brother have fun praying for people and stopping the rain, and bringing clear sunshine for them. But, it is believed that a horrible destiny waits for the weather maiden. To what extent will the boy go to protect her first love from the weather maiden’s horrible destiny? Will the weather ever go back to normal in Tokyo again?? Watch to find out.

Weathering with you

5. Grave of the Fireflies

The Studio Ghibli movies never fail to impress you. Japanese name being, Hotaru no Haka. Who says that love can only be between two lovers? This story takes you during the days of World War II. The story of the survival of a brother and sister. The unending love for each other and the older brother’s die-hard efforts to keep her sister happy. The ending is so heartbreaking, it would leave you crying and break your heart in so many ways.

Grave of the Fireflies


I hope you would enjoy the movies and anime, do share your feedback after watching. Also, if you would like to watch animated series do let me know. I would be more than happy to recommend you my favourites. Have a good day!

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